Top 3 Must-See Cathedrals in The UK


Are you planning a staycation in England? If so, you will have probably researched top attraction in cities across the UK, which will most likely include a selection of cathedrals which should be on everyone’s list when travelling to an English town. Especially if you enjoy spectacular architecture as well as the rich history of religion that has formed the basis of English culture as it is today.

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When planning your itinerary, you should take a look at the following cathedrals, which are some of the most famous buildings in the country.

St Paul’s Cathedral

This London-based Anglican cathedral was built from 1675 to 1720 and is actually most famous for the funerals of the former prime minister, Winston Churchill and Lord Nelson, whose bodies are buried in the famous crypt. On a more positive note, it was also the wedding location for Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer in 1981, serving as a spectacular start to a controversial royal relationship.

There have been many attempts to destroy one of London’s most famous cathedrals; however, it is still standing strong as the cathedral with the second largest dome in the world. To reach the dome, you can take the 528 steps up to enjoy a beautiful view of London’s skyline from the top of Ludgate Hill. To enjoy the entirety of St Paul’s Cathedral, you can purchase an all-access ticket which includes a guided tour by a knowledgeable tour operated or a multimedia guide.

Liverpool Cathedral

One of the most popular attractions in Liverpool is its Anglican Cathedral, which is part of the Diocese of Liverpool. Since the start of construction in 1904 to 1978, it was established as the largest religious building in the UK. The scale and beauty of the cathedral attracts thousands of visitors each year who can explore the Gothic architecture and artwork for free.

Located in the city centre, the cathedral is situated in the perfect location for visitors who wish to attend a service on any day of the week. It is also ideal for university students who live in nearby apartments, such as the RWinvest development Poet’s Place, which is just a stone’s throw away. Students can benefit from being so close to the cathedral, especially if they attend Liverpool John Moores University, as they hold all graduation ceremonies within the spectacular cathedral.

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Wells Cathedral

This Somerset Cathedral is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting the holy city of Wells, which is also England’s smallest city. This was built as a replacement church in the twelfth century, and its construction continued until the nineteenth-century when restoration of the cathedral began.

Visitors can take a closer look at the second-oldest serving clock in England. It’s Tenor Bell which weighs 2,858kg has the heaviest bell of ten rings in the world, which is sounded most days. They can also enjoy free tours of the cathedral, which includes access to the church services, the library and more. The cathedral also offers heritage open days which are held every so often to educate the public on the long history of Wells Cathedral.

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