I Didn’t Think I Needed A Wedding Planner In Singapore Until I Met One


Many brides and grooms choose to hire a wedding planner in Singapore nowadays. However, some choose to handle their marriage ceremony and reception preparations without seeking expert help—as I did during the first few weeks of my wedding planning endeavour.

After getting engaged to my long-term boyfriend-turned-husband, I proudly told my friends and family that I would not be hiring a wedding coordinator or planner for my marriage rites. I said these professionals would only cost me more money. I remember saying that I could probably do what a wedding planner does—which could minimise the event’s expenses. But after meeting a coordinator, I realised I was wrong and needed help from an experienced planner.

Learning About Beautiful Gatherings And Their Wedding Planners

Our friends tied the knot more than a year before I married my spouse. At the reception, I gushed about how well-organised their wedding is, saying that I aspire to have a marriage ceremony as smooth sailing and fun as theirs. Our friends said they owe it all to their wedding planner and her talent and passion for event planning. They then introduced me to their coordinator, which I hired on the spot.

The coordinator told me that she represents a wedding planning company in Singapore called Beautiful Gatherings. They handle all wedding types, including virtual ones held during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. She showed me her portfolio and shared their website, which told me a lot about their expertise in wedding planning. After hearing her say what she could do for my marriage ceremony, I realised I needed her help to ensure my wedding’s success.

What I Learned After Hiring A Wedding Planner

After our talk at my friend’s wedding, my planner immediately reached out to me to continue my preparations for mine. Since then, she has not stopped communicating with me about my ceremony and reception. She heard my thoughts and ideas and ensured to execute them well for my ceremony. Without my wedding coordinator in Singapore, I think the nuptials would not be as successful. Moreover, I believe my partner and I would not have had as much fun as we did during our marriage rites if we did not hire a wedding planner.

A few weeks after our ceremony, I learned that hiring a wedding planning expert in Singapore does not cause unnecessary and excessive expenses—especially for an event as crucial as marriage rites. I also realised that having a wedding coordinator means gaining access to countless vendors that non-professionals like me can find. Moreover, working with a planner helped me and my spouse savour our ceremony and reception. If not for our coordinator, we would experience high levels of stress that can interfere with our wedding.

If you are still on the fence about hiring a wedding coordinator or planner in Singapore, perhaps my experience would convince you to work with one—specifically someone from Beautiful Gatherings. You can learn more about their expertise, services, and past projects through their website.

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