COVID – 19 and Your Wedding In Houston, TX – What To Do


The wedding industry like various other businesses has been hit hard by COVID-19. Nevertheless, couples have found a way around these restrictions to be able to celebrate their special day with their loved ones. Planning a wedding during a pandemic may be difficult but not impossible. Wondering how? Well, we have exactly what you need.

Some useful tips to plan your wedding during COVID-19:

  1. Digital Weddings: While a digital wedding was a far-fetched idea about a decade ago, COVID-19 has forced this notion down our throats. Nevertheless, weddings with small gatherings are always an option. The bride and groom can choose to broadcast the ceremony to friends and family via the web. 

This preventive measure proves to be safe for all members and a simple wedding can become something special. For those who cannot travel due to restrictions, a digital wedding can help include the original guest list for a large wedding. During these difficult times, couples must keep safety and hygiene at top priority. 

  1. Consider A Simple Wedding: A wedding takes months and sometimes even years to plan. Couples and family members have had vendors, venues, food, and dresses booked for months. COVID-19 came in like a whirlwind and ruined these plans in one big swoop. To salvage what is left of these plans, couples have decided to resort to a simple wedding. 

While it may not be their choice, a simple wedding is effective, budget-friendly, and safe. The venue, food, vendors, and dresses can remain the same while the number of guests is reduced drastically. A simple wedding will not include the original elaborate ceremonies as decided before. 

  1. What To Miss Out On: Having a simple wedding is not a determinant of your status symbol. Given the circumstances, everyone seems to be understanding and prefers to be safe. In a simple wedding, couples can eliminate rituals and ceremonies to cut down the wedding time. 

A simple wedding can still look flamboyant and extravagant – only with fewer people. Brides can reduce the number of bridesmaids and the groom on groomsmen. Inviting close family members only to not miss their blessings as a newly wedded couple. 

  1. Consider The Unthinkable: Since destination weddings are not an option anymore, couples can create a theme wedding. Theme weddings are budget-friendly and can accommodate small groups. As and when restrictions are eased couples can always throw an elaborate reception for friends and family who could not be a part of the wedding ceremony. 

In Conclusion

Weddings are a special, once-in-a-lifetime occasion, at least for most. And not being able to invite the people you love on your special day can be heartbreaking. Nevertheless, digital media has come a long way and is proving its benefits in these hard times. 

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