Team building event ideas


Team-building activities typically aim to promote improved teamwork and communication as well as increased employee satisfaction. Businesses that have recently achieved a milestone, such as a merger, product launch, or round of fundraising, are more likely to host these kinds of events. Before major projects or quarterly kick-offs, they can be quite helpful in fostering existing relationships to foster a more productive group mindset. Team-building activities are crucial to the overall health of a business. There are several advantages to taking the time to amuse, instruct, and build relationships within your company. Corporate team-building activities and events are an effective strategy for raising the performance level of your employees, encouraging personal growth, and more. For conducting the event, you need to hire the best destination management company with a good idea to execute the event. Let’s see about the team-building event ideas:

Surprise them with a treat

The unexpected team-building activity was provided by the people operations team, who brought out an ice cream cart with a range of toppings and flavours in the middle of the workday when no one was expecting it. In honour of the Olympics at the time, the event’s organisers also played entertaining music and donned team attire. Furthermore, they even went so far as to include toothpick flags with written company values inside each meal. Employees can take a break, get some exercise, and socialise over treats during these planned but unscheduled periods. Choose a reputable destination management company in India that offers a distinctive theme to your event.

Get outdoors

Even if you cannot arrange a full day of planned contests and challenges, you can still spice things up with more subdued, doable outdoor team-building activities. Additionally, it is observed that during the hot summer months, their sales cycles were significantly slower. To assist staff members in overcoming the summer doldrums, the leadership team decided to establish a new set of routines. Employees incorporated hiking into their last iteration because they already had a way of quarterly face-to-face meetings with off-site groups. They could get to know one another easily and affordably by sticking to nearby trails and enjoying nature together.

Film a sketch

It is simple to become so engrossed in your work that you start taking yourself and your career a little bit too seriously. It is quickly discovered that having a little fun may go a long way. Drawing inspiration from their regular book club, the team decided to parody a well-known book in the manner of a sketch movie.There was several event management company in Delhi, so pick the one with the most expertise.

Get crafty

Blueboardrealised they had a talented group on their hands, so they decided to engage in some arts and crafts as a team-building activity.They enrolled staff in a local block printing class to spark their imaginations. Their team enjoyed learning how to build custom designs, cut stamps, and print images on canvas bags that they could then take home. They also discovered who in the group had a hidden aptitude for printmaking. And their mementoes still remind them of the enjoyable and rewarding time they had together.

Start a tradition

Building a team that communicates and cooperates on a higher level can be accomplished with even the most insignificant practices. Instead of holding a single event to bolster their employees, they encourage ongoing team-building with frequent lunches, after-work gatherings, and celebrations of public holidays. Even if it is not particularly fancy or special, doing this has allowed them to become closer over time. If your audience like it and you routinely host events of this kind, you can use any of your prior corporate event ideas to start a new tradition.

Host a happy hour kickback

There is an agency that sets up the ping pong tables, beer kegs, and munchies for a rooftop happy hour every week without fail. It allows their staff members to unwind together, a luxury they would not otherwise enjoy. Even without a rooftop or extra ping pong tables, offering complimentary drinks and entertaining activities is still feasible in any corporate setting. Holding regular tastings is another way to benefit from the local wine or beer culture.

Have a board game tournament

A company organised a regular competition after learning that their employees had a serious fixation with board games. Instead of limiting the pleasure to just one evening, they now provide a vast array of games that staff members can play during their lunch breaks. Players get a chance to interact with folks they otherwise would not see during a typical workday because every department participates. You cannot go wrong with a mix of traditional and independent games if you want to spend quality time together playing board games.

Wrapping it up

The Concept Conferences Pvt. Ltd is a good destination management company in India, and it provides several suggestions for team-building activities. Thus the above details are about the team-building event ideas. Then, assist you in conducting the event as you are expected to.

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