Timeless Decor


In the past few years, the decorating trends have swung in a completely new direction. The farmhouse look has been all the rage. However, this may just be a fad, and all of us will be stuck with distressed white furniture. Home decor lovers be encouraged because there is a type of decor that is both timeless and charming, one that goes with farmhouse, modern, retro, country, Art Deco, rustic, industrial, and Victorian styles. Wrought iron comes in a variety of items such as wall hangings, railings, wrought iron front doors, headboards and footboards, chairs, tables, lamps, and more.

Why Wrought Iron?

Wrought iron is not only useable in a plethora of styles, but it is also versatile, sturdy, non-toxic, and insect-proof. It can easily be primed and painted for a quick update if faded or rusted. When used indoors or outdoors, wrought iron is one of the best choices for a long-lasting material.

Examples of Wrought Iron Use

There are so many ways to incorporate wrought iron into your home, both inside and out. Examples to get your imagination running are:

  • An ornate headboard and footboard addition will completely change the look of your bedroom. Paired with vintage nightstands and hanging lanterns, adding this feature to your space will transform it.
  • Coupling wrought iron railings with wood will morph your stairwell into an industrial look.
  • A strategically placed iron lantern conjures up romance on the side of your garden tub. Complete the look with candles and greenery for a magazine perfect bathroom.
  • Wrought iron wall hangings add texture and interest to walls above fireplaces and entrances.
  • Positioning a French Art Deco style table in your foyer brings the 70’s to life again.
  • Personalized iron signs are popular to highlight your family name, monogram, and the year established. These signs can be used in farmhouse or country style homes and ranches.
  • Your outdoor patio becomes a welcoming, relaxing place with wrought iron lawn furniture.
  • The outside of your home will have great curb appeal with the addition of two wrought iron front doors. Lending a grand entrance is the goal!
  • A beautiful archway of iron makes a romantic gateway to a garden or backyard.

Whatever your design choice, it is clear that wrought iron will provide a myriad of possibilities. From the living room walls to the stair railings to wrought iron front doors, home renovation enthusiasts are sure to find something among the ranks of this unique metal.

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