Exceptional Kitchen Designing Now Possible


In recent years, the kitchen has become a real living room. We spend more and more time there, and we like to meet there to share moments with family or friends. Whether it’s preparing meals, tidying up groceries or cleaning up, it’s important to have an ergonomic kitchen. Why? Obviously to gain in comfort of use in storage space. But it is also to optimize time, effort and travel, and ultimately to simply feel good. So each kitchen will be different, because we are all different and our needs vary.

According to our size, our age, our habits, the layout of the kitchen will be modified. Accessibility is therefore the key word when thinking about your ideal kitchen, and aesthetics are no longer the only criterion to take into account. The heights of the furniture, the worktop, the arrangement of the appliances are all variables that will make your kitchen pleasant to live in every day. The kitchen design software offers the best choices here now.

The Right Distribution of Space

A good distribution of space is the starting point of our thinking when designing a kitchen. For this, we can identify 4 areas of interest: storage, preparation, cooking and washing. Derived from the activity triangle, a rule developed in the 1920s by Lillian Moller Gilbreth, an industrial engineer and psychologist, this layout will allow you to optimize your trips between the different areas. If the modern kitchen has developed to the point of offering more than three zones, this rule remains a basis when designing a kitchen. Short trips, fluid movements to go from the refrigerator to the preparation area and then to cooking avoiding unnecessary back and forth. Freedom of movement between these different spaces is essential, because the kitchen is an active place, a workspace. If the average ergonomic distance measured between the work zones is between 105 and 120 centimeters, it may change depending on your habits and your body type. This is a first point which proves that a tailor-made kitchen must be designed from both an aesthetic and practical point of view. Trusting Foyr Neo for the right solutions come perfect now.

The Right Height for Appliances

It is another very important point when designing your kitchen. Because the lifespan of a kitchen can go on average up to 20 years, you must anticipate, so that it remains functional during the different stages of your life. If a time, in classic kitchens, the household appliances were at ground level; this is a thing of the past in modern kitchens. Now ovens, dishwashers and other microwaves are at a convenient height for its user. This will help you avoid bending down or crouching down to empty the dishwasher or put a dish in the oven. Installed at a height of between 20 cm and 90 cm above the ground, your household appliance adapts to your size for more comfort. These elements can be integrated without any problem in a cabinet or a column, freeing in addition to that additional storage.

Furniture That Adapts To Your Size

Ergonomics also go hand in hand with accessibility. The size of your furniture is therefore an essential element to take into account when designing your kitchen. This will prevent you from having to bend down or, on the contrary, having tall furniture that is difficult to access.

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