4 Must-Buy Bathroom Fixtures


A bathroom is a place to escape from all your tension, stress, other issues and relax. Some feel relaxed as soon as they enter the bathroom. Many people take a bath when stressed or exhausted because it refreshes them and gives them the energy to complete their chores. A pleasant warm bath will help you relax and think about the problem without being too stressed.

An ideal bathroom has many fixtures like taps, toilets, bathtubs, etc. And never forget the accessories/fittings such as shower curtains of nice design, cabinets of classic material, Toto washlet from Toto series, mirrors, etc.

People often get confused about bathroom fixtures and fittings, and some think that they are the same. But, in reality, the meaning of the terms are different.

Bathroom Fixtures Vs Bathroom Fittings

Bathroom fixtures are the items that are the permanent features of one’s bathroom. And they can’t be easily removed because they are attached to the electrical wires and plumbing. The shower, sink and bathtub are examples of bathroom fixtures. One main point about the bathroom fixtures is that they are not optional but necessary parts.

The bathroom fittings are the additional fittings one makes over the fixtures such as washlet, cabinet, toilet paper holder, mirror, etc. These fittings are easily removable and can be replaced.

Some people don’t mind the importance of the fittings and spend all their money on the fixtures. Though the fittings add value and aesthetic to the bathroom, people still buy low-quality fittings for their bathroom. You should always purchase good-quality fittings like the Toto washlet from the Toto series/collection. Then, when you install high-quality fixtures and fittings, your bathroom looks fantastic. 

Here Are The Four Must-Buy Bathroom Fixtures


When you are looking for a sink, you need to consider size, shape, and how it will be mounted beforehand. Sinks are a necessary fitting in a bathroom and should be given priority when setting up your bathroom. Some even keep a smaller sink at a lower level for kids to use. The sink placement plays a vital role in the bathroom, and if you mess up, the sink will be too far or in an uncomfortable place to reach.


It is the kind of fixture that adds a bit of luxury to your space. It gradually becomes the focal point of your bathroom. For some, bathtubs are unnecessary, especially if you are working with a smaller space.


It is the primary fixture everyone looks for in a bathroom. Many are unaware of the varieties of shapes and designs of toilets available in the market. You can buy a wall-hung toilet for a contemporary feel to the bathroom.

4.Shower Set

The shower set is the favourite of many, and it is necessary even if you have a bathtub. There’s no greater joy than standing under the shower after a hectic weekday. People use showerheads to make the water sprinkle in different styles, such as heavy rainfall, light showers, and many more styles.

These bathroom fixtures are essential if you are setting up a brand new bathroom. You may avoid the bathroom fittings, but bathroom fixtures are well equipped, and they make the bathroom functional and fabulous.


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