Ideas for Upgrading an Old Cottage


Start with the hubs of the home.

While the average homeowner may believe the master suite is the hub of the home, the truth is that the kitchen and bathrooms are the most important rooms in the home. Any interior designer or real estate agent can tell you that even more important than the master bedroom is the kitchen or bathroom simply because we use them in our daily lives for essential activities like bathing and cooking. When considering your old cottage upgrade, start with the kitchen or bathroom and a quick Google search for a kitchen or bathroom remodeling company near you. For example, a search like “bathroom remodeling in Milwaukee” would put any Milwaukee area resident in touch with bathroom renovation specialists in an instant.

When calling for your bathroom or kitchen renovation, ask about a home consultation where you can have the remodeling company professionals help to make recommendations about where to begin with your upgrades. While you might be hoping to start with new countertops, a pro could explain why your upgraded bath design may need to start with something different.

Find ideas online.

After you schedule an appointment with trade professionals for your kitchen or bathroom upgrade, take some time to get ideas online. One great place to start is by looking at real estate on the market. A search for “cottages for sale,” for example, will show you the latest trends in old cottage rehabs and upgrades. This could be a great way to trigger ideas about your own project and help improve your overall design.

Consider watching YouTube videos, finding blogs and vlogs, and looking into social media groups or clubs with cottage or design themes. Whether you plan to upgrade your old cottage yourself or to call in the professionals, this will be another way to get you brainstorming your bigger upgrade plan.

Consider going with a theme.

Redecorating can be easier with a theme. Popular right now are beach cottages, cozy retreats, and campground cottages. If you have a special interest or your cottage is located in an area that naturally lends itself to a theme, it could be a great idea to start there. For example, if you live in New York City and have an old cottage in the mountains of Vermont, building off a mountain theme could be a great way to make your cabin feel homier. At the same time, nothing says you couldn’t bring New York to the mountaintop with a sleek design and modern amenities. Otherwise put, even if your old cottage will serve as a second home, upgrading with a theme in mind could be a great way to spark ideas or make the best use of that front porch or fireplace.

In the end, whether this will be your first time upgrading an old cottage or you’ve had experience redoing bungalows, RVs, or even new construction homes before, you’ll be more likely to enjoy the process and outcome if you take the time to collect ideas ahead of time. Regardless of if you opt for a nod to the great outdoors or a modern theme, do what you can to enjoy the process of planning even the tiniest details of your upgraded cozy cottage cabin. You’ll be glad you did.

Taking something old and turning it into something new can be a great challenge and a lot of fun. If you’re someone who enjoys decorating, is interested in renovations, loves rustic cabins, and is considering updating an old cottage, there are many ways to approach your upgrade. For some ideas on ways to get started with your old cottage upgrade, read on to find out the best interior design ideas to fit your every lifestyle.

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