How to Make a DIY Mirror Frame for the Bathroom


Regardless of whether you are trying to apply your makeup in the morning or are simply brushing your teeth, you probably find yourself looking into a bathroom mirror on a regular basis. Everyone has some type of mirror in the bathroom as no bathroom is going to feel finished without it; however, we often simply go with the cheapest mirror we can find. While there is nothing wrong with trying to save money, you might be looking for a way to spruce up your boring bathroom into something more exciting. You can do this with a DIY mirror frame. How can this be done?

Come Up with a Style

The first step is to think about the style of the mirror in which you are interested. Are you looking for something that will give you a bit of a more natural look? If this is the case, consider going with something such as wood. If you are looking for a sophisticated or modern feel, you can find trim that already looks more finished. There is an option out there for everyone and whatever you are looking for in a mirror frame, someone carries it.

Measure the Mirror

There is a saying that everyone should measure twice and cut once. This is the case with mirror frames. Once you have found the material, pull out a measuring tape. Then, measure the length and width of the mirror. Make sure to double-check these numbers. Then, take them to the local hardware store. Find the material you like and make sure you buy enough. In addition, remember the measure the space between the mirror and the wall. The frame has to fit in this space, so try not to make the mirror frame too thick.

Put the DIY Mirror Frame Together

Once you have the mirror and the frame, make sure you like the color and style of the frame when paired with the mirror. It can be helpful to put this material against the wall as well to make sure it works well. After this, glue the components together with a strong adhesive. Make sure the pieces of the frame line up perfectly. After this, you will need to wait about 12 hours for the adhesive to set. Once this is done, get some caulk and fill into the gaps. After the frame has dried, you can put it up on the wall! Start with the top piece first and press it against the wall using some adhesive. Work your way around the rest of the frame until it is finished. If needed, you can use clean-release tape to strengthen the bond between the DIY mirror frame and the wall.

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