Roof Replacement Cost In 2020


If it is time to get a new roof then several things must be considered. What types of roofing supplies should I use? What roofing company should I use? How much am I willing to invest in the project? Once one has made these types of decisions it is time for the roofing replacement job to begin.

There are many types of roofing supplies for one to choose from. Asphalt, slate, wood shingles, concrete tile, ceramic clay tile, metal, steel, aluminum or copper roofing can be used. They all vary in look and durability so it is important to take one’s time when deciding upon what material to use. Some are less expensive but they might not last up as long as other types of materials that are more expensive. It all comes down to how much one is willing to spend. Remember a good roof greatly enhances the value of one’s home.

The average price for an asphalt roof will run from 700-3,700 dollars not including labor. For slate, including labor, it would be 17,000-84,000 dollars. Wood shingles 7,000-20,000 dollars, concrete tile 8,000-21,000, ceramic clay tile 12,000-21,000 dollars, steel 5,000-22,000 dollars, aluminum 12,000-24,000 and copper roofing would cost about 24,000-40,000 dollars. Of course all roofs are not the same and the type of roof can greatly influence the cost.

How much square feet of roofing is involved? The roofers call a ten foot by ten foot area a square. The price for a roof is dependent on how many squares there are. Then there is the cost of the material used in the roofing. Asphalt shingles are the most affordable. Metal roofs are the most expensive. If the roof is at a steep angle then the labor costs will be increased. If the roof is higher up and not easy to access then this will increase the cost. One story homes tend to be less expensive to work on in this regard.

If there are multiple layers of old roofing to be removed this will increase the cost. The condition of the lumber used to construct the roof needs to be in good shape or it will have to be replaced. If one chooses to use a different type of material and that material is heavier in weight then the supporting roof may need reinforcing to support the new weight load. There is also the cost of licenses and permits.

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