How to Improve Your Sudoku Skills


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If you ask the Sudoku enthusiasts, “How can I improve my Sudoku playing skills,” everyone answers – practice. What? Practice playing the game and your problem-solving skills! But first, a little background – because what’s a hobby without a bit of homework.

Basics of Sudoku

The term Sudoku is an amalgamation of two Japanese words where Su means number, and Doku means single. However, the game wasn’t originated in Japan but Switzerland. Sudoku is an abbreviation of the expression “Sūji wa dokushin ni kagiru,” which means “the digits are limited to one occurrence.”

The idea behind solving these free Sudoku puzzle games is to fill the 9×9 grid with digits from 1 to 9, so each row (blocks), column (boxes), and 3×3 sub-grid (regions / sub-squares) contains all the numbers without repeating any. The puzzle comes as a partially completed grid having a few pre-filled boxes to offer you a headstart.

Steps to Solving a Puzzle – Just What You Need

– Focus on one box at a time

– Get to the next one

– Repeat this until you get to the dead-end

– Focus on a single column or a row at a time

– Get to the next row or column once the previous competes

– Repeat until you get to the dead-end

– Go to Step-1 and repeat

Sudoku demands a systematic approach. To solve problems, you must be able to start identifying the patterns that regularly keep coming up in every puzzle. So, there are two ways of going at this game:

  1. Know all your techniques, and once you are aware of these, begin practicing. Sooner or later, you’ll understand what strategies work for you and what don’t. Several websites provide you with the needed step-by-step information on this topic. There’s a pool out there – go ahead and dive into it. Eventually, you’ll be able to master the tricks and quickly go through any of the free Sudoku puzzle games in a breeze.
  1. If you want to get better at completions, practice even more variations. Do not just stick to easy or medium levels, but challenge yourself to go beyond. The best way to practice any game is by playing it yourself and finding out what things work for you. Start timing your games and concentrate on the singles rather than just any region on the puzzle. Whatever new tricks you learn, put them to use – in fact, make it a habit to learn one new technique every day.

There are so many Sudoku games available on the Internet, which you can play and challenge yourself at each level. One of the most interesting ones we found is the mobile game by Easybrain. It has a wide variety of free Sudoku puzzle games (over 10, 000 of them) along with an interactive interface that keeps you engrossed. It comes with four different difficulty levels – easy, medium, hard, and expert. Moreover, there are daily and seasonal challenges wherein you win rewards, track your progress and work out your brain productively. Want to try the game and test your capabilities?

Download it from here on your Android or Apple smartphone and tabs. 


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