Planning a Trip to Singapore? Here are a Few Travel Hacks That Can Help You! 


Are you planning a trip to Singapore anytime soon? Singapore is a paradise for travellers looking for a mix of scenic beauty and iconic technological wonders in one place. From Gardens By the Bay to Clarks Quay, Singapore offers some of the most amazing places to pay a visit.

However,  you might be worried that the trip to this country could be a little heavy on your pockets if you face any unexpected situation. But that should never stop you from exploring Singapore and its wonders. This is because a Singapore travel insurance plan can keep your pockets protected against several unforeseen events in a distant land. 

Even if you haven’t yet thought about opting for travel insurance for your Singapore trip, keeping your trip protected against all odds is essential. Also, when choosing a traveller insurance plan for Singapore, you should keep in mind the coverage options as an adequate travel insurance claim amount can help you in a foreign land and keep you from breaking the bank! 

Apart from valid travel medical insurance, here are a few more travel hacks that can make your trip to Singapore a memorable one. 

  • Always Choose the Right Time to Visit Singapore

It is always very important to check the weather of the destination you plan to visit. Similarly, you should know Singapore’s weather before booking your flight and stay. Usually, the country doesn’t have cold weather during any time of the year. 

Singapore has a hot and humid temperature reaching around 30 degrees Celsius most of the year. So, always choose the most suitable time to plan your trip. February-April is usually the best time to visit Singapore. 

  • Plan Your Itinerary As Per the Travellers

If you plan a solo trip to Singapore, your itinerary will differ from someone travelling with family. For example, if you are fond of adventure, your family might not be comfortable with an adventurous trip to Singapore, especially if you are going there with your parents. 

So, when travelling with them, you should plan a relaxing trip. Hence, customise your trip in a way that would cater to the needs and interests of everybody involved. Doing this will ensure that everyone on the trip will have a good time in Singapore. 

  • Apply for a Visa At Least a Month in Advance

This is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind while planning your trip to Singapore. It’s always better to apply for a tourist visa to Singapore well in advance. The application process is easy and doesn’t really take time to get approved.

However, to be safe than sorry, you must apply for the visa at least a month before your departure to Singapore. Therefore, fill in your application properly and submit the same to only an authorised travel agency. 

  • Follow Local Instructions Wisely

Singapore has a reputation for following strict rules and social conduct. Hence, you need to abide by the local laws even as a tourist to this beautiful country. Respecting their culture and law should be your responsibility that you shouldn’t ever ignore. 

For instance, smoking isn’t allowed in public places or air-conditioned shopping complexes in Singapore. Furthermore, if you are found smoking, you may be charged with a fine. So, ensure that you always go through the dos and don’ts in Singapore for a hassle-free holiday. 

  • Carry a Copy of Your Visa & Your Passport While Travelling

You should always follow this essential step while leaving your hotel for a sightseeing trip. Also, do not forget to carry your original passport and a copy of your visa wherever you go. This is important for security reasons since you will be new to Singapore. 

Also, places like the Casino in Marina Bay Sands will only allow you to enter after you give them your identity proof. And the best identity proof that you will have in a foreign land is your passport. However, be safe while travelling with your passport and other important documents. Ensure that you keep them safe in your bag. 


So, apart from a valid travel insurance policy while travelling to Singapore, you should also keep in mind the tips mentioned earlier to make your trip an exciting and safe one. And when choosing a travel insurance plan, do not forget to research the options in hand, learn about the coverage options, calculate the premiums on an online premium calculator offered by insurers like Tata AIG, and choose one that will suit your needs the best. Happy travelling! 

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