My Toilet is Leaking-Now What?


Toilets eventually leak over time for a number due to the failure of various parts rather than a complete breakdown of the toilet itself. The good news is, that there isn’t a lot involved handling a simple leak-related toilet repair, but identifying problems like the source of leaks can take a bit of expertise. Here are some common culprits of toilet leaks.

Leaky Bottoms Indicate Problems Beneath the Bowl

Bottom leaks reveal themselves when flushing the toilet, and they may begin so slowly that you may not notice it until it has damaged flooring or appeared on a first-story ceiling as a telltale water stain.

Usually, this means that the wax ring beneath the fixture needs replacement or that the bolts near the base of the toilet are loose.

Tank Tips—What’s Sourcing That Running Toilet?

The inside of tank consists of several moving parts that work together and are often sold in pre-packaged assembly sets to ease the process of changing out the entire toilet’s guts when necessary. However, it’s usually only one or two pieces that source running toilets and small leaks.

Inlet Valve: When tank water keeps rising above the overflow center tube after it’s full, the culprit may be the inlet valve on the ballcock.

Check the inlet valve by flushing and holding the float rod up until the water ceases. If it doesn’t stop, it’s the ballcock and water valve assembly, which is best replaced.

Float Device: These may look different in toilets, but the float should rise to a certain level and then the water should stop when that height is reached.

If the water continues, try using a screwdriver to lower the floatation level. Replace the float and rod if adjustment efforts fail.

Flapper: Test for flapper related water leaks by turning off the shutoff valve underneath or behind the tank. If the water level drops significantly after a few minutes, the flapper or its seal need replacing.

While these fixes are relatively simple, it’s best to consult an experienced plumber if you need a more serious toilet repair or just want the issue handled for you by a local professional.

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