What is considered a mini storage unit?


Storage units come in all shapes and sizes, much like an apartment. So, whether you’re looking for a large unit or mini storage, you have options.

What is a storage unit?

A storage unit is a space you rent that allows you to store items away from your home or in your yard. Today, there are storage units that are called pods. Pods are rented spaces, much like a dumpster, that gets delivered to an address you specify for you to house your items. These are exceptionally helpful for people when they are moving from one location to another – often out of state or across town.

Storage unit sizes

As with most items, you have options to choose what size of storage unit you’re looking for. Here are the 6 main sizes you will find.

A mini storage unit will typically be a 5×5 unit – about the size of a small shed. These are great for people who do not have a lot of extra items but don’t want the extra things to take up space in their garage or home.

A small storage unit is a bit larger with an average size of 5×10. This space size will fit a small bedroom set, office, or even a few extra boxes of seasonal items like Christmas trees or decor.

The next size up is a medium storage unit. A medium storage unit averages a 10×10 space or 100 square feet. This size is perfect for anyone who has just purchased their first home, after living in an apartment, and needs a place to store items before moving day.

It’s also great for college kids who must move back into their parent’s home before they can rent their first apartment. It’ll house a bed, furniture, boxes, and appliances.

After the medium is a large unit. A large storage unit will comfortably house enough content to fit 3 bedrooms. With a 10×15 space, you’ll have ample room for all your needs.

A huge unit comes next with a 10×20 space. Clearly, this is enough space to put a lot of extra items and are great for people who are between homes.

The last unit size is extra-large with spaces 10×30 in size. This large amount of space is great for businesses who want to house their own inventory or store extra office equipment.

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