How To Train Your Puppy To Stop Biting



Puppy biting is an inevitable part of having a puppy. But it can also be one of the most frustrating and painful. In some puppies under four months old they are going through a pretty significant puppy biting stage. Today in this article we are going to tell you how to teach your puppy to stop biting you. For more information on training your puppy or general dog walking services in San Francisco, California you can contact 360 Dog Walker

Don’t Use Training Collars

We are kind of people who strongly discourage the use of training collars like choke prong and electric collars that’s because those types of collars are specifically designed to train with pain and that does nothing to promote a bond between a person and a dog. That’s the single most important factor when teaching any dog. 

We want to encourage you to get your pet supplies and you r dog food from a company that feels the same way. By getting your food automatically shipped to you from pet shops at any time interval you prefer. You are making your life easier and making a statement that you support companies that put our dogs well being fast. 

Stopping Biting Dogs From Their Habits

Have you ever heard that when your puppy is biting you like this that you should say ouch and walk away from. And we can definitely say that now what we thought that this was a bit o shallow way to address this because you are addressing the symptom the biting and not the cause your dog’s desire to interact with you. There are two main reasons that puppies bite like this because they are teething or because they are trying to engage the world. This is how they grab things if your puppy is teething you will definitely want to make sure that  they have regular access to safe chew toys of lots of different textures. Now it’s going to take a few weeks to really resolve puppy biting and dogs can be really nippy until they are about five months old or even longer. If it goes unchecked you must commit to being very patient with them. 

Right now you and your dog don’t yet have really crystal clear communication together and every interaction you have with them need to be focused on building that communication. Addressing puppy biting is one of the best opportunities to do that in addition to the exercises we are about to cover make sure you have a strong focus on desensitizing your dog to being touched firmly by a person. So the more they are used to this the less likely they are to nip at you. We have even heard some dog trainers recommend biting your dog back. So they know how it feels, but those are really silly ways to teach it on. If your puppy play bites really excessively then you have probably got a high-energy dog. If that’s the case then exercise early in the morning and throughout the day is mandatory if you want relief sooner rather than later.


 Chances are if you have got a puppy biter on your hands you are probably getting pretty good at predicting when they are about to be bitey. It’s all the time simply hoping for the best and reacting negatively when your puppy bites you is not going to resolve this efficiently. Fast success comes when you are one step ahead of your dog. Now I know you can do this you are a person they are a dog most of you are smarter than your dog. I hope first let’s talk about how you need to get good at using at a toy to curb puppy biting. Since I know that puppy is likely to bite you when you got to greet him.

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