How to choose the latest design of climbing shoes for rock climbing?

Rock Climbing Shoes (La Sportiva Otaki)

There are so many varieties of rock climbing shoes in the market. Finding the ideal model that meets your needs, according to your level and type of climbing, and that also fits as it should, is not easy, especially for novice climbers. The choice is not based solely on knowing the benefits and appropriate uses of each model. In this way, we will have to know –

  • What type of climbing shoes do we need for our grade and kind of climbing and rock?
  • What size is appropriate, and what last is the most suitable for our feet?

Combining these two factors will find those with the best balance between adequate performance and perfect size that does not interfere with our climbing but benefit it.

Some helpful tips when buying

Climbing shoes, whether made of leather or synthetic, yield to a greater or lesser extent. Therefore, to avoid subsequent loss of fit, the size’s compression is usually forced a little. They are probably a little more uncomfortable at first. During the climb, the feet will not be at rest. It is recommended to follow the classic advice to buy the best rock climbing shoes – measure our feet, choose the perfect size, wear the shoes and walk for a few minutes.

Types of climbing shoes

There are different types of climbing shoes. Apart from the extremes, many are very versatile. We are going to classify them in 4 different ways, interrelated with each other –

  • According to its type (shape, stiffness, and sole),
  • According to its closure system,
  • Depending on the construction material,
  • Climbing shoes for men and women.

But then which one do I choose?

As a general rule, if you do not need a particular climbing shoe for high grade, always choose a flat shoe or with slight downward curvature, rigid and versatile. If you are a professional and don’t want to take any risk, you should go by specific men’s climbing shoes. About the closure system and the construction material, it is your choice. Velcro and leather climbing shoes are a safe off-road bet. Climbing shoes have to fit like a pair of gloves.

According to the rigidity

Hard climbing shoes have specific stiffness, but they maintain good flexibility. A greater thickness of the sole usually gives rigidity. The type of rubber also influences. Soft climbing shoes allow greater sensitivity. They were born for bouldering. They are like gloves that will enable great sensitivity and natural movements.

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