What are the factors to consider when opting for a Dedicated Hosting Server?


You are here because you probably are about to switch over to a dedicated server. Hence, a huge congratulations on this move that you are about to make! We will guide you as you take the next step ahead.

Let us understand the factors one must consider when it comes to selecting a dedicated server plan for their business:

· Understand the performance requirements of your site

At WeHaveServers we need to first understand the performance requirements of your website. The number of users that you expect. The kind of services that you are expecting from the server. When these numbers get determined, then the kind of hardware and servers that you would need can get estimated. Will you require memory, CPU, and disk-intensive? When you are clear about these points then you will understand properly the kind of hardware requirements you would need to settle for. When you select the right blend, then your server will perform at an optimal level which means the site performance will be smooth and excellent too.

· Understand about potential downtime

How will your business get affected in case the hosting environment fails? One of the prime gains of a dedicated server is that you will never have to share your resources and server with anyone, at any time. But you must also understand that one server does become a single point of failure. If you will not be able to scale to multiple dedicated servers, then you have to decide on the fact that how much potential downtime are you ready to risk.

· Bandwidth usage to be anticipated beforehand

The bandwidth requirements will be related to the data traffic of your website. If you are about to use a lot of bandwidth but you predict low usage, then you could opt for a package where your dedicated server provides you with a great amount of data traffic. This is a great way of understanding how much you would eventually be spending on the dedicated server plan that you eventually settle for.

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