Common Raw Dog Food Mistakes People Make


Most dog owners slowly realize that feeding their dogs food that works best for their digestive system is better than feeding empty calories. This has seen many embrace the reality that kibble is not the best diet, and many are joining the raw diet bandwagon. Raw foods for dogs offer a wholesome and healthy life for the canines. However, many are making the mistake of assuming raw diet feeding is easy. 

As a result, many pet parents make mistakes that do not benefit the dog as they should. It is essential to equip yourself with relevant knowledge to appreciate the art of raw diet feeding, as it is not as straightforward as many people imagine it to be. Doing so helps you avoid one or more common pitfalls as a beginner in raw feeding.

Nutritional Deficiencies

It is possible to deprive your dog of all the necessary nutrients to thrive, even when they are on a raw diet. This may surprise most pet owners because of the belief that raw foods are the ultimate solution. While natural foods are way better than kibble, they still have to be well-balanced for the real benefit to be realized.

A balanced diet comprises specific mixes of meat and proportions recommended for your dog. Usually, 70 per cent of the raw diet should contain muscle meat with bones, and 15 per cent be made of organ meats, offals, vegetables, fats, and oils. 

The last 15 per cent of this diet composition should be made of cheese, eggs, seaweed, cod-liver oil and other additions that make the diet complete. In other words, it is not always easy to come up with a raw diet plan for your dog without prior knowledge., After all, you do not want to be the dog parent that feeds their dog imbalanced raw food and compromises their immunity in the process.

Poor Vitamin and Supplement Dosage

Failing to educate and equip yourself with the relevant raw diet knowledge can lead to poor supplementation and vitamins for your dogs. There are specific guidelines set by the relevant bodies that help guide this aspect. Note that even a slight change in water content can affect the quality of the feeds.

Lack of Expert Help on the Inclusion of Whole Foods

Raw pet feeding becomes tricky when there is no knowledge of the limits of ingredients to add. While the foods are great, in some cases, an excess of certain elements can pose a significant danger to your dog. 

Ensure provide the correct amounts of minerals and vitamins such as calcium, phosphorus, and omega oils. Whole foods are perfect as they help achieve this balance. Working with professionals who understand the details as you learn how to make your raw food is advisable. Alternatively, buy from experts like Houston Raw Pet Food, as they have the expertise.

Exceeding the Right Amounts of Whole Filler Foods

The fact that the ingredient is whole does not mean it works independently. Note that every food included in the raw diet should be delicately balanced. Most beginners in raw diet feeding make the mistake of adding too much filler, which affects the dog’s digestive system. The goal is always to ensure that the filler is added to enhance nutrient bioavailability and not hinder proper digestion.

Poor Safety Standards

When raw food is not handled correctly, it tends to get contaminated and could be a source of diseases. This is a mistake most beginning pet parents make. Learn how to take raw pet food, especially during preparation and storage. Note that raw pet food can source salmonella and other bugs. What’s more, besides affecting the dog, such contamination can jeopardize your health too.

Rushing the Switching Process

A dog that has been feeding on a kibble diet for years cannot be forced to adopt a raw diet in hours. This can lead to system shock and cause severe withdrawal. Do not make this common mistake of moving your dog to change. Many dogs will naturally switch to a raw diet when properly introduced. Mask the food with what they are used to when starting this journey and entice it until it is ready to go entirely natural.

One of the best ways to be successful in raw diet feeding is to find tasty and nutritious food. Shop at Houston Raw Pet Food for exciting natural dog food for your furry friends.

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