Discover Facts Regarding Commercial Dog Food in Houston, Texas


In the United States, more than 95% of pets get all of their nutrition from commercially produced pet food. Pet food advertisements provide an image of wholesome, delectable meals for your dog or cat, including premium steaks, whole chickens, fresh grains, and everything else they need. These companies don’t disclose that they have switched out whole chickens for chicken parts, including the feet, head, and intestines. People typically consider premium slices of beef to be tongues, cow brains, fetal tissue that is dangerously high in hormones, and perhaps diseased and even carcinogenic meat. What’s left over after the maize is processed into corn starch powder and corn oil are the hulls and other milling by-products. Since they have been deemed unfit for human consumption due to contaminants, mildew, poor quality, or irresponsible handling, true whole grains are rarely used. Pet food manufacturers have mastered the art of persuading people to buy things they normally wouldn’t touch to generate money. Professionals in pet food manufacturing have discovered how to create a product that people would purchase by collecting a lot of trash, colouring it to make it look appealing, and then briquetting it into entertaining designs.

Why is Commercial Dog Food Not Fit for Your Dog?

The Quality of the Ingredients Could Not Be the Finest.

To start with, pet food specialists claim that the “4-D” meat is frequently referred to as the “primary component” in commercial pet food. Meat is derived from unwell, diseased, or physically impaired animals. Suppliers of commercial pet food lower costs by utilizing “4-D” meat, which is raw meat from the aforementioned sources. The perceived quality of an ingredient has nothing to do with where it comes from on the product label. The next time you’re in the pet store, don’t let the cute names and ingredients mentioned on the pet food packaging mislead you. Connect with some other pet owners and ask the pet store questions. You can also let us know anytime you’re eager to understand what we think about a certain brand. Many of these businesses use “feed-grade” ingredients in food items, which is a significant issue for food safety. Among them are powdered animal parts and carcasses and corn used as cattle feed. These inexpensive ingredients are used as fillers by producers of processed meals to lower the quantity of meat in their creations while maintaining affordable costs.

Shortages in Natural Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins and Fats

Due to the manufacturing process and the use of lower-quality ingredients, most commercial pet foods are not balanced. They use artificial nutrients and minerals to make their pet chow appear “balanced” and “complete.” Dogs fed commercialized dog food frequently have health issues and pass away at a young age. Manufactured pet food is primarily to responsible for dog cancer, heart disease, and kidney failure. It is no surprise that so many sick and allergic dogs consume commercial pet food.

Seek Help from Houston Raw Pet Food

Many pets are still fed kibble, the kind of pet food most frequently seen in stores and grocery shops. Kibbles aren’t inherently bad for dogs, but a study indicates that those who convert to raw dog food see notable health benefits. Our foods are raw hence not commercialized thus ensuring health safety for your dog. Call Houston Raw Pet Food today for more information.

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