Five Best Water Heater to Buy this Winter Season in India


Taking a bath during winters is a big challenge for most people. If the water is even a little less warm, you can get sick and taking a bath becomes challenging. The people who use water heater in their house might face this problem. If your old water heater is not working properly, then it is time for you to consider replacing them with new ones. You can get rid of your old heaters to new ones. Here is the list of five best water heaters from which you can buy the new one.

1) Bajaj Flora 3L 3KW Instant Water Heater

Bajaj is one of the most popular names for a water heater in India. This water heater from Bajaj is available at a cheap price of Rs 2,549, and it is packed with some amazing features. It is rust-resistant and has a fire retardant cable. The water heater only weighs 2.5 kg and offers 3-liter storage capacity. You can consider the Bajaj Water Heater Price as it is available within an affordable range.

2) AO Smith HseSes 25 Litres Instant Water Heater

AO Smith water heater is an instant water heater that is available at an amazing price of Rs 3,110. It has 3-liter storage capacity and only weighs 2.5 kg. The water heater is also rust-resistant with PUF tank insulation materials used in it. It consumed 3000 W power which is common for instant heaters, and it also has 5 Star Rating.

3) Bajaj New Shakti 15 Litres Storage Water Heater

It is a popular water heater with 15-liter storage capacity and only weighs 8 kg. This water heater is priced at Rs 5,580 with 4 Star Rating. It has fire Retardant Cable along with the thermostat. You can check out all the great reviews before buying this product to get assurance.

4) Crompton Greaves Arno Power ASWH1515 15 Litres Storage Water Heater

This water heater from Crompton is another popular entry to this list of heaters. It is priced at Rs 5,790 and packed with some amazing features. The water heater has an impressive 15-liter storage capacity and only weight 5 kg. It has an auto shut off feature with Horizont storage.

5) Bajaj Caldia 25 Litre Storage Geyser

Another popular water heater from Bajaj, which offers a massive storage of 25 liters. It weighs 11 kg which is heavy as compared to an average water heater. This water heater is priced only at Rs 5,500. It consumes 2000 W power which is great for heating.

You can check this Water Heater Price List in India, and then make a decision about the heater you want to buy. After comparing all the features and qualities of the water heater, you can select the one that offers various types of features.

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