Coffee pods: The new gen coffee option


Coffee is surely one of the oldest and most popular drinks all over the world. From the flat white coffee of Australia to the famous Espresso Romano of Italy, coffee is consumed in different ways all around the world. Now coffee lovers have various choices when it comes to the type of coffee as the market of coffee has become very wide. The evolution of the coffee industry has led to a new kid on the block – coffee pods.

Coffee pods are catching fire in the industry. Coffee drinkers are loving it. Although there are many companies manufacturing coffee pods, the most famous and popular one is Nespresso®. The Nespresso® compatible pods are one of the most admired and used coffee pods all around the world. From coffee beans to coffee pods, we have come a long way with our love affair with coffee. So, let’s dig into the world of coffee pods and understand in a more detailed way.

What are coffee pods?

A coffee pod is a single serving coffee container in which all the necessary ingredients required for making a cup of coffee are mixed and enclosed by a foil pouch. This enclosing is done in order to preserve the aroma and the freshness of the coffee. The pod that is used in the coffee pod is basically a biodegradable paper pouch. Due to the increasing popularity of coffee pods, now they are available in different brands, flavors, and roasts. Coffee pods are surely one of the easiest and most convenient ways of making coffee without compromising on the quality.

How to use coffee pods?

If you are going to use your coffee pod in the coffee machine, then follow the below-mentioned steps:-

Fill the water tank

Use a measuring cup and pour water in the water tank of your coffee machine with the help of gaggia espresso machine reviews. You should fill the water till it reaches the level of max fill. You should always use filtered and cool water in your water tank otherwise the taste of your coffee will degrade.

Take out the pod from its packaging

Most of the good quality pods are packaged individually so that their freshness can be preserved for a long span. You will have to take out the pod from its packaging. You should always tear the packaging along the perforated line so that you don’t end up damaging the pod.

Place the pod in the machine

Simply pop open the pop holder of your machine and then put the pod inside the machine. After putting the pod, you will need to close the holder. Finally, adjust the settings on your machine and then brew a perfect cup of aromatic coffee.

What are the benefits of using coffee pods?

Easy to make

You don’t need any type of skill or experience in order to brew a perfect cup of coffee from coffee pods. Just pour in water and put your coffee pod inside the coffee machine. Most of the people prefer coffee pods because it reduces the overall time of making coffee.

Better freshness

Since coffee pods are sealed in individual packages and flushed with nitrogen, the freshness stays for a longer period. You should know that the ground coffee in the coffee pods remains fresh until the pouch is opened.

Less cleaning and minimal wastage

If you use coffee pods, then there will be no spillage of coffee on the table. And since all the pods are a single serving, you will always get the perfect quantity of coffee that will be enough for a single person.

Disclaimer – Nespresso®

Nespresso® is a registered trademark of SOCIETÈ DES PRODUITS NESTLÈ S.A. Gimoka Coffee UK  is an independent distributor not connected directly or indirectly to SOCIETÈ DES PRODUITS NESTLÉ S.A. The compatibility of Gimoka capsules is functional for use on Nespresso® machines and does not replace the use of the original capsules produced by SOCIETÈ DES PRODUITS NESTLÈ S.A.

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