5 Things only experts know about Dallas SEO companies


Working with Dallas SEO companies is a great way for a business to get hot traffic to their website. What makes this traffic so special is the fact that since people are searching for what the business has to offer, it is easy to convert them into paying customers. 

That said, there are certain things that only experts know about Dallas SEO companies, and it gives them an edge in the struggle against their competition in the marketplace. However, anyone who knows these things, will also gain an advantage as well.

  1. SEO Varies in Reach

Many people mistakenly think that just because an SEO company is located in a certain area, that they are confined to that area for their clients. While it is true that they may have an edge in their area because they are familiar with it, they can do SEO for anyone, anywhere. 

This is because the Internet isn’t confined to a single area, but is rather a global entity. The only real barrier is the language barrier, and other issues like state run Internet like they have in China where it’s isolated.

  1. Getting More Options

Regardless, experts know that an SEO company in Denver can do local SEO in Miami just as well as in their hometown. This means that when a business decides to hire an SEO company, they don’t have to limit their search to just companies that are in their area, giving themselves more options. Still, many businesses like to do business with local SEO companies in their area just so that they can meet face to face.

  1. SEO and Web Development

While SEO and web development are technically two different things, they are often times intertwined since doing SEO does require some amount of web development skills. Because of this, experts know that their SEO company has some degree of web development knowledge that can be useful. 

For example, they may be able to spot mistakes on a client’s website, and advise on how those mistakes can be corrected. They can also advise a company about how to make their site mobile friendly if it isn’t already. This is a pretty big factor when it comes to modern SEO, so a business would be wise to ask about it.

  1. Ask For On-Going Services

An expert will always ask an SEO company about their on-going service plans. This is because SEO isn’t a one time thing, and companies that think so will soon find themselves at the mercy of the ever changing search algorithms. 

This is why a smart manager or business owner will hire an SEO company to do regular audits of their website, technical assessment and make adjustments as they are needed, when they are needed. This simple act alone will give them a massive advantage over their competition since a simple algorithm change can tank an SEO strategy overnight in some cases.

  1. Deprive The Competition

Perhaps the most effective and powerful thing that experts know about SEO companies is the fact that they can sometimes get them to sign a contract with a non-compete clause that will prohibit them from doing local SEO for other businesses in the same market. 

This will take away a major advantage that competition could get their hands on, and ensure that the SEO company doesn’t go to a rival business, and put them in a position to dominate their market. 

It is always a good idea to ask about this, since there could be a conflict of interest depending on the circumstances, and it always pays to make sure the competition loses as many advantages as possible.


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