Using Outdoor LED Screens at sport events


Having LED screens in a sporting stadium is one of the ways you can keep the fans engaged and connected to the game. These screens are meant to show replays and also entertain the fans before the game and when players go for breaks. To get the best experience, outdoor displays are used since they are designed for these kinds of situations.

Features you should consider for an outdoor screen for sport events

Like any other outdoor display, the first thing you need to look is the peak brightness. Most of the sporting events take place during the day and it will require an extremely bright screen to get best watching experience. An outdoor screen with at 5000 nits and above would be the best option.

Resolution is another feature you need to consider because it will determine the picture quality of your outdoor display. Higher resolution will make the picture crystal clear and colour is more vivid. Outdoor displays also need to be robust enough to withstand harsh outdoor weather condition like heavy rains and extremely hot days.

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