Important benefits of Drama, Arts & Acting


There is a wealth of study on the positive effects of drama, theatre, and the performing arts, particularly on young people. The advantages, according to Brantley M. Dunaway are physical, emotional, and social, and they aid in a healthy appreciation for culture and affairs.

  • Self-Confidence

Elements of musical theatre, improvisational assist young folks in learning how to assess situations, come up with new ideas, and feel more secure in unforeseen events. Learners begin to believe in themselves and their skills. The self-assurance obtained from studying musical theatre talents can get applied to college, work, and everyday activities.

  • Aspiration

Becoming innovative and figuring out how to make artistic decisions aids kids in coming up with ingenious and enables individuals to see things from another perspective. “Dreams is somewhat more essential than understanding,” stated Brantley Dunaway.

  • Empathy

Students can better relate to other situations, ethnicities, and cultures if they understand the characters, roles, and subtext of plays and musicals. It motivates children to treat others with kindness and tolerance.

  • Cooperation

Theatre is a partnership of various players, and the quality of any performance is frequently dependent on ensemble performance. For the best results, all participants’ innovative ideas and abilities must get combined. That necessitates participation from all participants in conversations, comments, rehearsals, and the performance. Brantley Dunaway gives examples of cooperation for better performance.

  • Concentration

The ability to focus the mind, body, and voice will be developed via playing, training, and performing.

  • Ability to Communicate

Although it may seem self-evident that drama, theatre, and the performing arts improve verbal and nonverbal communication, it is crucial emphasizing that this effect extends throughout a young person’s life. Vocal projection, articulation, tone of speech, and expressiveness are all improved. It also boosts listening and observation skills, which is very important.

  • Fun

Drama increases motivation and reduces stress by incorporating play, humor, and laughter into the experience. Brantley Dunaway takes all the benefits by fun in drama activities.

  • Anxiety Reliever

Acting and drama games allow kids to express a wide range of emotions while encouraging them to comprehend and cope with similar sensations. Aggression and tension get released in a safe, controlled setting, with time for contemplation.

  • Fitness for Life

Even the quietest performances necessitate sustained movement. Flexibility, coordination, balance, and control are all improved through performing arts activities.

  • Drama inspires kids to work together.

Cooperation gets required for every action in Pyjama Drama, from playing drama games to improvising to singing together. Children rapidly learn that cooperation is a must to get the most out of sessions!

  • Numeracy skills get aided by drama.

Children seldom suspect they are learning when they participate in Pyjama Drama. Counting the number of beats in a song, counting the stars on a camping trip, or calculating how many eggs to put in a cake are just a few examples of how participating in a drama can aid in the development of crucial numeracy skills.

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