5 Tips to Attract and Retain Clients at Your Medical Spa 


A medical spa business is a rather lucrative one, yet to run one such spa means to be constantly juggling between attracting new clients and retain the existing ones. The juggle is further exacerbated due to the increasing number of spas, which keep opening up resulting in heightened competition and the fact that the cost of acquiring a new client is considerably higher than the cost of retaining an old one. Therefore, you have to make sure that your business stands out in the crowd. So, if you’re looking for a low down on how to attract and retain clients at your medical spa, read along to know our tried and tested top five techniques. 

Offer a free trial & make it wow 

People believe in getting a first-hand experience before choosing a service. The phenomenon gets more pronounced when it comes to choosing an elective procedure. Studies have indicated that often potential clients fence sit in their decision-making process because of being in two minds about whether they are getting accurate guidance or will the procedure be any effective. In such a situation it is recommended to refer to the old adage “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”. In other words, whether a procedure is good or bad can only be ascertained after having experienced it on first hand basis. Thus, offer clients a free trial of a procedure. Train your team of consultant cosmetologists and technicians to provide excellent service from the time the client walks in. Create a lasting impression on the client such that they come back for more. 

Target Diverse Clients

Often when it comes to med spas, we think that these are places for people looking to defy age.  However, this is far from reality. With expendable incomes on rise, increasing number of people are willing to spend some bucks on looking their best. While the old folks may be looking for a botox treatment, or facelift, young folks may be looking for nose shaping, or dermabrasion. With a little market research, and some clever planning you can target both set of customers. Have your staff engage with clients from all age groups to allay their concerns and reap benefits. An alternative way to increase diversity is to sign up with beauty salons etc. to offer a quid pro quo promotion. You may consider to promote a beauty salon at your store in lieu of that business promoting yours. To make the offer more attractive, you can consider giving a one-time referral discount on products and services to the clients who walk-in through referrals. 

Make the process convenient and easy

The very thought of having to undergo an elective procedure can be stressful. In such a situation the last thing a client would want to go through circuitous path to get an appointment and visit the clinic for a session. The clients of today, aren’t limited to seeking service. It is all about experience, and the journey of experience commences from the time of booking an appointment to end gathering client feedback after the end of the session. Thus, your aim should be to provide a seamless client experience in your med spa. One of the ways to provide such seamless experience is to leverage technology in the form of a medical spa software. Did you know that most of the renowned med spa chains have dedicated medical spa scheduling software such that the clients can book appointments at any hour of the day?  One of the popular med spa software, called Zenoti has perfected the booking procedure to allow clients to book an appointment in just four clicks. 

Deploy Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a great tool to deploy and engage both existing clients and prospects. A medical spa management software can assist you in your digital marketing game. Whether it comes to sending a fortnightly or a weekly (non-sales) newsletters to clients or suggesting ideas for promotional campaigns the software can easily accomplish it all. Furthermore, by deploying data analysis to ascertain member preferences, the software can suggest ideas to run targeted marketing campaigns. With complete analysis of each and every campaign, you can effectively understand what marketing technique is working or not working for your business. Certain medical spas have also turned to social media marketing to promote their team’s accomplishments by posting a client’s before and after pictures (with due consent). 

Create a Loyalty Program

While you are in the market to get clients, deliver exceptional service and make gains, it is important that your business should have a human touch. One of the best ways to do so, is to reward the clients for continuing to patronize your business. One of the ways to do so is to run a loyalty program.  Many times, existing clients do not come back because they don’t find the spa to value them. This is where a loyalty program becomes handy. With a well-crafted loyalty program, you can show appreciation towards the clients who patronize your business. If you’re worried about how will you differentiate between the deserving clients and the undeserving ones, leverage technology. A med spa software can help you run an objective and transparent loyalty program. In order to know more about is it possible read our post on “How to Drive Client Loyalty for Your Medical Spa Business”. As a med spa owner or manager always bear in mind, when friendships are forged, the clients are less likely to drop out because there is always an incentive to motivate them.  

Deploying these five prime techniques have helped many medical spas in significantly improving their enrollment count. Aside from increasing the head count, techniques such as building a community, promoting organic referrals, learning from client feedback, and quick complaint resolution are also known to help retain clients and also attract new clients. 

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