Try A New Dinning Experience with The Dinner Detective


Do you get sick of going to boring, ordinary restaurants where you pay more and more for a plate of food with no entertainment? Would you like to experience some fun with dinner? There have been dinner theaters for some time, and they offer a certain degree of passive entertainment. But what if you could be part of the entertainment with a murder mystery to solve while you have a four-course plated dinner? That would take eating out with a loved one or friends to a whole new level.

The Dinner Detective

A new kind of restaurant is available in Kirkland, WA, that might catch on all over the country. This restaurant experience is really unique. It might cost a little more, but you get more than just a meal. Go to more information about schedules and available shows. It is different than other murder mystery dinner theaters around the country.

The dinner detective experience is unique in that the audience can be part of the show, and the action is not on a stage but throughout the whole restaurant. During the evening dining experience, a crime will happen and hidden clues will be shown. There will be venue detectives to help diners crack the mystery case. The table of diners that provides the best solution to the crime will get a prize package. Everyone should be prepared for action including prop guns, simulated shooting sounds, lighting blackouts, and more to add to the entertainment value of the performance.

The Cost of a Ticket

The ticket costs can vary, with the season but average $79.95 per person, plus taxes and fees. That might seem like a lot, but remember that you will not be paying to go to a theatre, movie house, sports event, bar, or musical performance. The ticket includes the interrogation reception, the wonderful dinner, waitstaff gratuity, the interactive mystery show, and the prize package for the person coming closest to successfully solving the crime.

How Often Do These Shows Occur?

These dinner shows are offered two to three Saturday nights per month, year-round. Most of the shows last from 6:00 to 9:00 PM. Shows have a limited run, so check the restaurant’s show calendar eight weeks ahead of time. This would be a wonderful way to celebrate the birthday of a friend or loved one, an anniversary, or impress a date. It would also be a great idea for a company celebration or a holiday get-together.

The meal is served during the show breaks, and the action is designed for an inclusive and interactive evening of entertainment. You can go online before the event to view the current menu choices and make your choices. There will be actors hidden in the audience to enhance the experience, and any diner can become part of the show. What a fun experience awaits everyone who gives this unique dining and entertainment venue a try.

What Are Shows Like?

This venue does not have themes and time periods to refer to. The performers are not in costume. All stories are set in today’s timeline with unique themes and storylines. Customers are asked to dress in business or dressy casual or as instructed for the show you will be attending. Shorts, t-shirts, and hats are not allowed.

When guests arrive and are seated, they will receive a set of instructions for the night, and the entertainment starts there. It is advised that people arrive 15 minutes early so nothing is missed.

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