Paper shredder machinery: keep secrets under your hat


There are never too many precautions regarding corporate confidentiality, but we cannot always be guaranteed that certain data will remain secret.


For this reason, it is essential to rely on high security paper shredders, devices capable of destroying any type of paper document in undetectable fragments; other than this, these machines can also dispose of electronic devices and their supports, electronic cards and bulky waste such as boxes and bottles.

An excellence of Made in Italy since 1985,Elcoman in one of the few paper shredder and SSD shredder on the marketplace providing everyday trustworthy and high precision cutters, trimmers and guillotines.


Office secrets will never come to light

Companies specialized in the field of paper shredders offer multiple options for every need and for companies of all sizes, with tailor-made solutions from small offices to large factories.

You can choose your industrial destroyer based on the size, capacity, format in which the waste will be expelled (fragment or strip) and when actually keep it up to speed.

If you plan to use it frequently you do not have to fear any overheating problem, as some models guarantee high productivity even if running at a rate of 24 hours a day, thanks to their high carbon hardened steel knives with special profiles that raise destructive capacity, without performance drops thanks to their resistant material gears and chain transmission, which prevent overheating and keep electricity consumption low.

In large industries (but also in small ones) documents cannot absolutely end up in the wrong hands, therefore it becomes essential to have these shredders to be able to sleep soundly.


Make it or Shred it

Paper materials are not the only type of waste that destroying machines are able to get rid of: cell phones, computers, memory devices, credit cards and DVDs will be reduced to crumbs by hardware destroying machines.

The use of these devices is very simple and does not require specialized personnel, allowing you to program the functions and work cycles in an easy and intuitive way with just a few finger touches thanks to the touchscreen panels.

The volume of waste generated by the destructive devices will not cause space problems, since the accessories of the appliances are able to compact the waste with a ratio of up to 1: 5; these additional accessories are simple to install and easy to use, they facilitate the recycling of the waste produced and considerably reduce the emission of dust which gets compacted to the disposed material.

Even your company’s traditional waste will no longer face space and disposal problems: cardboard, aluminum, glass, plastic.

All waste disposal machines have compliance guaranteed by the appropriate certifications regarding reliability in use, hourly production and the effective reduction of the destroyed material.

The risk of jamming is minimal, thanks to the high carbon hardened steel blades that are not scratched by staples.

The accurate and resistant blades make them perfect cutting machines, ideal for making high quality precision cuts, but make sure not to trash anything vital,the procedure has no turning back.

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