Turning Your Favorite Photographs Into Wall Art


Nothing matches the feeling of seeing your photographs beautifully printed on custom canvas and displayed on the walls of your home or office. The photographs may vary from those taken during your travels or those captured from special moments in your life. Colour absorption of canvas is better than paper and it gives the photograph a softer and more pleasing look.

Why printing on canvas is better

Traditionally, photographs are framed behind glass or printed on quality paper before they are displayed. However, this is not the best option for rooms that receive lots of light whether natural or artificial. A viewer may not see the photograph as intended because the shiny surface causes glare and reflection. The stain-matte finish of canvas makes it an ideal medium to show off photographs in a brightly lit room.

Canvas can fit naturally with all types of decor. Because of the versatility of canvas, it will look great on your walls no matter how many times you change home decor. Canvas prints are also popular gift ideas because they can easily blend with any design aesthetics.

The best thing about custom canvas prints is their affordability. It is more cost effective to print a 24”x 26” photograph on canvas than buy a similar sized painting or framed photograph. You can hang a large canvas print of your photograph or together with your loved one on the bedroom wall for your private appreciation.

Canvas prints are available in varying sizes from the small 5”x 7” canvas mini to the large scale 30” x 60” impressive size. Because of the different sizes, you can easily achieve the look you desire for the walls in your home. You can opt for a large impressive canvas print or a group of mini canvas prints to create a unique design.

Any photo whether it is your portrait or a photograph of your favourite beach will look good on canvas. There are several photo art products with unique characteristics that do not allow printing of some photographs. For example, your portrait may not look as good as expected when printed on Classic Silver Metal Print because the raw brushed aluminium may show in the several areas of the photograph that have low saturation.

Custom canvas prints are made from premium materials that can be expected to last a lifetime. Your photographs are guaranteed to stay vibrant without fading for years. To accurately reflect the colours of the original photograph, inks are hand mixed to achieve a consistent colour. The canvas print is also sprayed with an invisible laminate to protect it against UV rays and scuffing before it is stretched on a wooden frame.

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