Tips For an Amazing Acting Audition by Sumo Entertainment JD3


One of the hardest parts about being an actor is that each Casting Director is different and have their own approaches and techniques for how an audition should work. Now, there is not a set of rules each casting director should follow. Here are a few audition tips for actors:

Focus on the audition- While this might be the obvious, the chances of landing a role is small. There are many factors that go into the hiring process for actors. Most actors audition for multiple projects before they land a role. Make sure to show the casting director that you went out of your way to come prepared, even if the role is not right for you. If you are reliable and serious about your craft, you will be remembered for future productions and projects, even if you do not get the role.

Memorize your lines- Some of the best actors don’t just memorize their lines, they also memorize everyone else lines as well!

Do your research- Make sure to prepare for an audition. Outside of memorizing your lines, you should know what type of roles the casting director typically cast. For example, watch show episodes casted by the casting director. Focus on the intensity and style of characters so you can mimic that. Research producers, writers and directors in a similar fashion with their previous work.

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