Tips And Tricks For Unclogging Pipes


We all know the many problems that a blocked pipe can cause in our home . Bad smells can appear in our bathroom and kitchen, in addition to the inconvenience of not being able to use our water system correctly. This is why when you suffer a breakdown of this type you can think about fixing it on your own to save time, waiting for the professional and, of course, money. However, it is possible to make certain mistakes if we pay attention to certain myths when unclogging pipes that we may have heard. Today we are going to talk about these mistakes.

The coke

We were able to think of this trick due to its corrosive power when cleaning copper coins. And it is true that Coca Cola cleans the oxide of some metals, due to a small percentage of phosphoric acid (not harmful to human consumption) that it has in its composition.

However, the reaction that occurs to corrode the dirt of the coin only takes place when Coca Cola contacts chrome or similar metals . Therefore if they are leftovers from food, hair or other types of organic matter, the drink will have no effect.

The Danger Of Caustic Soda

It is true that caustic soda has been used on multiple occasions to unclog pipes. However, it is worth knowing that we are dealing with a hazardous material and that it can even lead to a greater jam in our installation when it solidifies when it contacts some materials. And is that caustic substances are aggressive substances that can cause significant burns on our skin.

The Coffee

We may have heard that coffee is another element with which you can unclog a pipe. However, this is not the case when we use coffee grounds with a solid element . Since the coffee can adhere to the walls creating a much bigger jam and even producing mold.

These are some of the myths that exist around the unclogging of pipes and that you should know so as not to make unnecessary mistakes. And it is that to fix it by yourself is possible in plumbing, but making mistakes can be very expensive , even more than if you had contacted a professional or emergency plumbers  at first or had used the correct products or methods

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