The safest place would be at home. Where it would secure you from any harm that may come. It is a building that contains four strong walls and a roof. Which serves as a defensefrom any season that passes by. Whether it is from the fiery rays of the sun, the breezing wind of winter, or the hard rain of spring. Without it, there wouldn’t be any secureness that the family taking refuge within may have.

As the years go by, any parts of a house will start to deteriorate. It wouldn’t stay as sturdy as before. That is why roof replacement always occurs from time to time. However, do you already know what material to use to replace your roof with?

Shingle roofs in Florida have been a big hit since the early 90s. Until residential roofing and commercial roofing began to rise in the public in the 2000s. But what would be the correct material that will perfectly suit your home?

The residential and commercial roofs are both similar in terms of its purpose. Which is to be the too covering of a house that will serve as the security from any harm that comes from the sky. Nevertheless, they still differ with reference to its prices, composition, and as well as where it is actually made of.

Knowing these basic facts will not waste your time. But having a piece of knowledge with the similarity and the differences between the two will help you out when the time comes for renovating happen.

If you are still unaware, Universal Contracting FL, the known and trusted company roofer inGreater Orlando, Florida has gathered this information to help you out. If you want to learn more about the differences between residential and commercial roof, read the infographic below:

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