The best Usages for Poker Now


Have you ever wondered what configuration options Team Pro Online uses at Poker? Well, for all those who have done it and for those who want to know, here we present, thanks to the Poker Latin American Blog, four tips from some of the most recognized members of the Team Online of the company with the red spade. For the 카지노사이트 this is important.

Without further ado these are:

Felix Schneiders : configurable buttons of the betting bar

We usually configure the shortcut buttons in the betting bar with the value of the bets that we use the most. Even if we want to deviate a bit from these amounts, it is more comfortable for me to adjust my final bet using this method. And it also saves me time.”

Randy “nanonoko” Lew: one-click table activation

If we am playing at several tables simultaneously, this option allows me to click on the action buttons on one table and immediately click on the action buttons on a different table without having to previously focus the action on the window that interests me. If you have ever complained about having to double click a button to act, this option will solve that problem.

How to do it: Options »>« Hotkey settings

With these four tips, you can enjoy your Poker experience even more. And what are your settings? We invite you to tell us how and why you use them, perhaps we can help others who are just starting out and knowing the multiple options that the software of the red pike has. One hand washes the other and both their faces, right.

Tips to dedicate yourself to online poker and not die trying

“Online poker can be the hardest way to an easy life” That is one of the maxims of every poker player on the Internet. Making the decision to become a full-time pro gamer takes a lot of things. Only for the low hours of study, discipline, analysis and self-control to overcome bad sessions.

How to be a good online poker player? There is no exact formula, however, there are certain habits that are essential to stay alive in this sea full of “fish” and “sharks”.

Thanks to our friends at the Poker blog, we have heard the, the recent winner of an FTOPS event and two-time champion of the TLB of the company of the red spade. Prepare a pencil and paper to write down the following recommendations.


If you are starting it is essential to “play at low limits and only go up when your confidence is reinforced by the results you get.” Why? Simple, there are very good players who are willing to take advantage of the lack of experience of those who start.

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