Law firms provide various services depending on customer or clients requirements. Some of the general services provided include consultation done for information and general advice, preparation of legal documents,, representation of clients in negotiations for an agreed upon fee, and representation in court or in a pre-trial settlement.

The Krasney Law firm, for example, provides California personal injury attorney services to help clients with cases involving accidents for medical coverage, property replacement, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

There exist an extensive list of services with respect to the areas they are used. The areas include;

  1. Corporate matters- These are areas concerned with the banking or financial institutions of a client, family-owned companies or businesses or companies that offer large-scale staff employment. Corporate matters include the agreements like employment or employment, licensing of the companies or any information known to the shareholders.
  2. Contracts analysis- In this area, attorneys or lawyers help in the preparation of client’s contracts or in the negotiation to see to it that each side has their rights not violated. An Example of a contract analysis is a third-party payer for services like hospital bills where the client is the hospital and the third party payer is the insurance company.
  3. Litigation- this involves a process where two opposing parties choose to begin a proceeding where each wants their rights enforced. This can be heard by a judge in a court or an agreed upon decision by the jury.
  4. Tax exemption procedures- This is the area that deals with consultations concerned with the exemption of tax from specific transactions for companies like the hospitals and companies that may apply.

The invention of law firms to represent clients in court is associated with several advantages and disadvantages. Below are some of the advantages.

  • The law is a complicated language and lawyers in a great way can save a person the burden of having to go through the struggle.
  • Lawyers can help save the cost- Depending on what is at stake, hiring a lawyer can in a great way help reduce the loses. This may include the time taken behind bars, the amount of money to be lost if it is a business related case or even the amount refunded in instances of accidents or natural disasters.
  • Lawyers are trained to challenge any available evidence- In their training, lawyers are trained to identify if any evidence was acquired through the right procedure and to even detect contradicting statements in the opponent’s case which may be hard if one does it without the help of a lawyer.
  • The opponent may be represented by an attorney or a lawyer and the play is not fair since they may take advantage of a person`s limited knowledge to law.
  • Lawyers or attorneys know and understand all legal rights and the procedural rules and in any case, can see to it that they are followed and in most circumstances lead to a better solution or judging as compared to what would happen without a lawyer.

Disadvantages of hiring a law firm to represent you. This may be due to lack of inexperienced lawyers, the money spends among other reasons. The main disadvantage is losing a case even after hiring an attorney and the money spend on hiring a lawyer for representation. Others may include a judge ruling a case in favor due to cases of corruption or personal differences with an attorney.

Hiring a lawyer may be as a result of several reasons. They include; the probability that a person can go to jail and the lawyer can request for bail or home prison among others, when a lawsuit is filed against a company and chances of losing many are high an attorney or lawyer can help, when the opposing party has themselves a lawyer it might be hard and hiring a representative is a better option, business matters which are complex can lead to an involvement of a lawyer, in instances where compensation is required such as accidents or even loss of property in a rental apartment among many others. In some instances, one would choose to represent themselves, should be simple issues which do not involve a lot of law.

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