4 Basic Tech Skills to be a Successful Entrepreneur


There has been a stupendous change in the way business used to operate. Traditionally, the business was limited to certain locations, with a minimum range of products. Customers were bound to some service providers.

Now the time has changed, the business has started capturing more market by providing diversification products; customers are getting aware of the service providers and the latest trends. Many businesses are moving from offline mode to online mode, providing facility to a different corner of the town.

To accomplish this, entrepreneurs are expected to take an active part in every realm. Not in-depth, but they are required to know at least the basic knowledge of the different fields. One such area is technology.

Obtaining new skills will make you a more powerful and more efficient entrepreneur like Cameron Chell and other global executives. Cameron Chell is the co-founder, and chairman of ICOx Innovations Inc., and KODAKOne, a blockchain-based image rights management platform for professional photographers, has helped launch several successful tech startups. This is particularly true from the fast-paced universe of technologies. Whether you are a self-professed winner or not, each entrepreneur should master the following four tech skills to succeed.

Data Analysis:

In Corporate world, people need to handle data in bulk. This requires special shortcuts ways and certain formulas. Why do entrepreneurs need to learn this skill? Their role requires analyzing the data frequently, maybe 24×7. At odd working hours, no staff is available.

They have to eliminate the dependency on others and need to learn these special formulas so that they can work hassle-free anytime.

Online Accounting:

What if the entrepreneurs don’t have the idea of his funds? Where the funds are going and how much funds are coming and what is the source of income? If they don’t have the knowledge, there are chances of fraudulent activities as well. All the financial transactions are recorded through software. An entrepreneur needs to know how this financial tool works so that they can access the financial statements anytime.

John Rampton, entrepreneur, investor, and startup enthusiast, says, “Managing your finances and keeping your books in order are an essential aspect of each and every business. Without this expertise, your chances of succeeding are very much reduced.” John Rampton is the founder of the calendar productivity tool Calendar.

User Experience:

The user experience is UX or UXD. Every entrepreneur wishes to improve the customer satisfaction ratio. For this, they strive every way possible to make the business grow.

Why Facebook, Twitter, and other similar companies have reached heights? These platforms are following the UX strategies that are helping them to improve the better interaction between the user and the business.

Social Media:

Social Media platforms are gaining recognition in many ways including promoting and finding the leads for the business. This platform helps in scrutinizing the performance of the product.

Apart from the better marketing strategy, this platform helps in interacting with the customers and finding their preferences, so that the business can provide better services according to the customers’ needs.

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