Protecting Your Shower Doors With Water Repellent Spray


Shower doors are a beautiful addition to our bathrooms, and we love them because we can easily customize them. However, it is almost always made of glass, whether it is frameless or sliding, and it surely gets dirty when continuously used. If you don’t always have time to clean your shower glass, then these stains can easily become a source of worry for you. This is where water repellants sprays and ceramic coating for shower doors come into play; read on to find out how these can help protect your shower doors.

How Do Stains Get to Your Shower Doors?

Several things mess up your shower doors; most famous is hard water as it contains calcium and magnesium. When it mixes with your bathing soap, it is bound to leave a stain on your shower door. Another source of stains on your shower door is body oil, shed skin cells, and other sources. These things amass over a long period and may leave permanent stains if not wiped away as soon as possible, or the right measures are not taken to prevent this situation.

How Water Repellent Protects your Shower Doors

Some shower door companies sell doors that come with ceramic coating, and if they don’t, you can always get a ceramic coating for shower doors. Doors without ceramic coating require more constant cleaning, and if you don’t have the time to clean regularly, then its best you make use of a water repellent. This eliminates the need for chemicals and acids that might end up causing more damages to your shower doors than good.

A water repellent helps to protect your glass surfaces and helps them resist all the stains it might have acquired from soap, hard water, body oil and the rest. When you spray a water repellant on your shower door, it becomes far easier to clean rather than spend hours scrubbing away at your shower door. With a water repellent, all you need is to splash water on the surface and wipe with a clean cloth and your shower door is just as good as new.

Water repellents help keep your shower door clean, as a result of this, making your bathroom a far safer and healthier spot to shower. Wiping away all the bacteria or mold that have stayed glued to your shower door, your bathing space becomes far cleaner. It makes all the difference between a shower door that’s an eyesore and an immaculate door you’ll feel more comfortable to bath behind. If your door comes without a ceramic coating for shower doors, this is your best bet for a sparkling shower door.

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