Most asked questions about home waterproofing


For most homeowners, one of the main concerns when laying the foundation of their house, apartment or flats is to save it from nature’s damage. Wall peeling, and leakages are common problems that arise in buildings that are poorly constructed or lack waterproofing. And therefore waterproofing becomes one of the most important aspects to look into when constructing a house.

Waterproofing is essential not just to preserve the walls of the property or House paint colours, but also to safeguard the health and well being of the family, home furniture etc. Aapka Painter – India’s trusted home painting partner recognizes the need to paint the homes with utmost precision. Hence, we have answered some of the most asked questions about home waterproofing.

How does waterproofing work?

Waterproofing is special protection provided to the walls in the form of sealers and coatings to save them from leakages, dampness or the widening of the cracks. Waterproofing products come with special polymers that keep the walls dry. It combats the damage on the walls while giving the walls a great finish.

What areas of homes can be waterproofed?

It is recommended to waterproof the entire structure of the walls during the construction and painting stage to safeguard the walls from damage in the later stage. However, even if you are renovating your house, waterproofing of the following areas are required:

  • Interiors of the walls
  • Exteriors of the walls
  • Roofs
  • Basements
  • Tile or marble cracks
  • Foundation pillars of the house/office

How do I know where the water is coming in the rooms/hall?

Rainwater or moisture can seep in from roof or the exteriors of the walls and make their way into the interiors. The pores of the wall allow water penetration thereafter swelling the wall inside and finding the way into the interiors. It can get difficult to spot the exact area water is coming from. Berger waterproof paint service come with advanced techniques and tools to accurately spot the moisture levels of the walls.

How to deal with the cracks on the walls?

Cracks on the walls can need immediate treatment else it can destroy the structural foundation of the walls. The cracks indicate the warning signs and expert painters can fill it with filling paste, to fill up the walls and smoothen the walls making it a crack free surface.

Is there a way to treat the dampness on the walls or roofs?

Improper waterproofing of the terrace can lead to water seepage from the roofs of the top floor. The dampness can be cured using roofcoat solutions done on the exterior walls from distinguished experts. The waterproofing roofcoat solutions create a highly elastic UV resistant membrane that withstands moisture and water damage on the walls.

Is waterproofing expensive?

Waterproofing expense depends upon the type of surfaces, size of the house, types of materials used on the walls and the damage that has already occurred on the walls. Experts can measure take a thorough understanding of the waterproofing requirements of the house and quote the accurate expense that is likely to occur.

With the help of experts waterproofing can become an easy advent safeguarding your house or office from rain and water damage for years. Get in touch with the paint contractors and waterproof your walls to make your house water damage-proof.

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