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There existed a time when Tamil music demanded recognition and revival. But in this period of modernization, there has been a numerous ways that gave Tamil music a prominent platform. There were researchers who made the elegance of Tamil music come up to the foreground. Dr. S. Ramanathan, Sundaresansar, Kudanthai and some other researchers lead the expedition to make Tamil music a proclaimed form of art. The enthusiasm and zeal of the researchers to give Tamil music a recognizable stage never diminished.

Tamil musical culture

Just like the phrase ‘love is in the year’, ‘music is in the air’ fits the situation, when it comes to Tamil musical culture in the month of December every year. This time of the year is also referred to as “Margazhi”. 1927, the year of advent of Madras music academy, started the ‘Margazhi’ practice. The events that are organised during this month of the year range from narrating Harikatha  and playing classical music to playing high level instruments like mandolin, Nagaswaram, flute, saxophone etc. In the era of websites kike masstamilan, etc people still have their attachment to older methods of listening to music intact.

The Musical divisions

Music can be divided into two broad categories, Hindustani classical and Carnatic music, let us have a brief insight on these two forms specifically.

  • Hindustani Classical, originally from North India

The Classical art form of music was generated from the Northern part of Indian Subcontinent which encompasses a variety of neighbouring countries including Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar etc.

  • Carnatic music, generated from the southern part of India

This form of music is generated from the southern part of the Indian subcontinent which envelopes four states: Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.

The Sangam Period of masstamilan

With accordance to Tamil legendary information there exists to be three sangams called ‘mudhal sangam’ , ‘idai sangam’ and ‘kadai sangam’. The Tamil literature had its source from ‘kadai sangam’ : ‘patthuppattu’ , ‘etthutthogai’ and ‘ pathinenkiizhkkanakku’. Sangam period is supposed to be the time perood between 400 BC to AD 500. The entire of South India namely, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, portions of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka was under the sangam period. Three noteworthy kingdomd rose at that time namesd as Chera, Chozha and Pandiya, together known to be as moovendhargal.

The Genesis of musical transformation

Music had no mode of being omnipresent, that’s when various download procedures swooped in and saved the day. An abundant websites and download option has made its space in our lives., masstamilan are some of the mention worthy websites to be opted for when it comes to downloading Tamil songs. Masstamilan is a worldclass website from when you not only get songs from movies but songs from albums are catered to as well. Tapping on the download option in masstamilan song downloading website, you can have the true taste or Tamil songs. It comprises of old, new and upcoming movie releases as well. Technology has made a lot of things easily accessible; downloading songs is one major achievement among them.

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