Eco-Packaging Best Practice: A Roadmap For A Changing World


The environmental crisis threatening just about every aspect of the world’s ecosystem needs a step change in all possible sectors to help address it. Packaging forms a large part of this, as our oceans are awash with single-use plastic and harmful, non-biodegradable materials such as can holders and hard plastic bottle tops.

This post, from the experts at Kendon Packaging, will outline the strategies that can be put in place to help businesses change the world for the better and put us on a more equitable footing with the environment.

Switch to eco alternatives

This obvious step is becoming more and more popular amongst all forms of retailer, as well as suppliers and logistical chains. Opting for recycled, or at the very least recyclable packaging is a good first action.

The next stage of this process is looking for alternative methods of packaging. In much the same way as Carlsberg beer opts for a ‘snap pack’ that reduces the use of harmful plastic rings that tend to snare fish and seabirds when disposed of into the ocean, your company could seek to innovate with regards to packaging.

This could lead to a substantial PR gain, as well as reducing the impact of your packaging – so it’s definitely worth investing a little into your R&D budget if you feel it could deliver such a win.

Use the right amount

Even the ecommerce behemoth that is Amazon has been criticised for improper packaging practice, as they often pack small items in far-too-big boxes, which is not only a bad thing for the environment but also a massive inconvenience for your customers. A too-big box may well damage the product and will lead to overfilled delivery vehicles, which is an inefficiency that could be avoided

Doing an audit to prevent this is an important step, as it could save you money as well as help to eco-optimise your brand towards a greener future. You might even find yourself making savings and efficiencies in unexpected places – which is always a bonus.

Man the legislation station

Ever since nature documentaries and citizen activism revealed the true scale of the world’s plastic problem, there has been a substantial and understandable clamour for more stringent legislation regarding plastic packaging and single-use plastics.

The savviest advice for businesses is to keep abreast of all developments as they occur and think about getting ahead of the curve and eliminating plastic from your supply chain. Making such a big step will stand you in good stead with regards to PR, as well as harmonising your business with the environment.

Eco best practice in the packaging sector is all about keeping an eye on our changing world and reacting accordingly through a mixture of audits, innovation and positive PR to keep your business on an even keel, no matter what happens. Be sure not to oversell your eco credentials, however, as this could lead to allegations of ‘greenwashing’ – which would be a disaster.









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