Lottery Gambling In Indonesia



Lottery gambling is on paper, illegal in Indonesia but there are surprises to follow below. Gambling, whether it be on online platforms or in casinos and clubs has been a part of urban living for decades. Middle-class people gamble in the hope to become rich and rich people gamble because they simply have money to lose. Whatever be the reason, gambling has attracted many people’s attention but it’s not the case with Indonesia.

History of gambling in Indonesia

The history of gambling in Indonesia dates back many hundred years ago when it all began with normal card and coin games. Yes, gambling is illegal in Indonesia. But has it always been the case? No! Lottery and other types of gambling were in fact legal and available to every Indonesian citizen until the 14th century after which it was banned. 

Why is gambling banned in Indonesia?

It comes as a surprise that the fourth most populous country in the world and a major tourist destination in Asia does not allow gambling. But why is it so? The clear-cut answer to this question is that 85% of the Indonesian population contains Muslims and according to Islamic law, all types of betting, lottery, and table games are strictly prohibited.

What punishment can you get for gambling?

There is no uniform punishment for gambling in Indonesia. There have been cases where the people caught have been severely punished but on the other end of the spectrum lies incidents where people have been spared leniently with minimal or no repercussions. The police in Indonesia also tend to skim through people’s phones for examining participation in online gambling apart from checking for narcotics or alcohol. 

What type of gambling is allowed?

Only government-licensed free lotteries are allowed to operate legally in Indonesia. According to a report, the Indonesian government allows nearly 8000 free lotteries annually. But they are highly government regulated and don’t involve the kind of money that all other gambling por

Since 2012, the Indonesian government has been on their toes and have rapidly carried on the banning of multiple offline and online casinos and lottery hubs. But there are still a number of places in Indonesia that carry out gambling, albeit illegally.    

Online gambling and ways you can play

In the online arena, there is reportedly no Indonesian gambling website but the citizens and people there can place bets on various international gambling websites. Prediksi SGP, Vegas Casino Online, Liberty Slots Casino, Bet365 Casino, Casino Luck, Net Bet Casino, and Casino Extreme are some of the websites that happily welcome crowds from Indonesia.

The bottom line

The bottom line is that lottery and other types of gambling are prohibited in Indonesia and if at all you want to try your luck, there are various government regulated free lotteries you can go to. A safer and more money-making option could be the various international gambling websites since there are none Indonesian gambling websites. 


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