Know Endomorphs, Mesomorphs, and Ectomorphs body types


William Sheldon an American and psychologist and physician was convinced that the psychological makeup of a person was in some way associated with the body type of the person.  This was what he highlighted in two of his books The varieties of the human physique in the year 1940 and The varieties of Temperament in the year 1942. He classified people based on their body types into 3 categories- Endomorphs, Mesomorphs, and Ectomorphs.


 According to William Sheldon, The Mesomorphs who are people who have square and a muscular frame were believed to be active, dynamic, aggressive and assertive. They were considered to exhibit a somatotonic personality.

Psychological characteristics of mesomorphs

 The Mesomorphs can be considered as the genetically gifted group of people this is because they are muscular, strong and are also endowed with broad shoulders. The mesomorphic men are believed to have a v-shaped body while the women are believed to have an hourglass-shaped body. As far as the psychological makeup of these persons are considered, the seem to exhibit the following characteristics

  • Social– The mesomorphs find it easy to interact with people. They are typically social people who are likable.
  • Outgoing– As mentioned earlier, they are highly sociable and can be considered as party animals who hate to be alone.
  • Strong-willed– It is indeed hard to convince a mesomorph about anything he d/she does not agree with. They are very assertive and would not tolerate others who give them orders.
  • Hot-tempered– They get angry very easily.  It is also very difficult to calm them down when they are angry. They will find it difficult to control their emotions.
  • Adventure-lovers– Mesomorphs enjoy facing challenges. This justifies their liking for outdoor activities and sports of all types. They are experimental as far as trying their skills are concerned.’ Courageous- You can attribute the muscular and athletic frame as a reason for their courageous nature.

Last but not least they are highly competitive and would do just about anything to ensure they win.

 Maximizing the potential of the mesomorphic body type

 Having discussed the psychological characteristics of the Mesomorphs, you would notice that they are likely to be stressed and suffer from anxiety problems as well because of the highly competitive attitude as well as anger which they find very difficult to control. However, it is possible to maximize the potential of mesomorphic body type using the best workout and meal plans as well as meditation.

How should mesomorphs train?

Having been endowed with an athletic body by nature, the Mesomorphs tend to skip training. However, they should be training athletically like doing sprints, doing vertical and box jumps,  or other polymetric. They are also likely to respond well to power moves and low reps. Interval strips are an ideal way to speed up their metabolism and rip away the fat. Practicing Pilates can contribute to positive health benefits which include both emotional and physical well-being.

Food for Mesomorphs

Mesomorphic individuals tend to respond well to whatever healthy food they eat. A basic meal for mesomorphs should be a meal that has about 40% carbohydrates of a complex nature, 30% lean proteins and healthy fats that amounts to 30%.

Using the power of visualization

Mesomorphs can use the art of visualization to a large extent for bringing about favorable changes in the body. Visualization is again helpful in controlling anger and reduce the spurt of adrenaline the mesomorphs are likely to experience as a fight or flight mechanism. It can be used to reduce stress as well.

 Visualization is indeed an important part of the fitness regime of the mesomorphs that can bring about changes for the good quickly.

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