What should I look for in finding immigration agencies?


Human are truly in an era of diversification. The innovations in air travel and long-distance communication have technically delimited geographical borders. And, in practice, permanent border crossing is more common than ever. What does permanent crossing mean? Immigration.

The increased human movement has led to a more difficult immigration landscape, which made the immigration agencies industry prosper. But, out of all of them, all providing immigration assistance, which one should you choose?


One that speaks your language

Don’t get started on “if you are migrating to another country, you should learn its language”. Learning and adapting to a language is not an easy task. Even if you met a British man migrated to Australia 10 years ago, you might still hear a touch of British accent.

While it takes over years to learn a language, the process of immigration could not wait, neither could your temporary visa. In this case, someone who can speak your language is crucial to aid you through the process.

For the Chinese community, for example, immigration agents like Australia Visa Link who can speak Mandarin (or Putonghua) are much more helpful to get through the enduring process.

Having an agent who can speak in your mother tongue is very helpful to understand the details of the process to get through it easier. And, friendly service is a great bonus as well.

One that shown dedication

It is not uncommon that immigration policies in every country change every year. And those agents who fail to update themselves pose a huge negativity to your visa application process.

While most migration agent should have expertise to a certain extent, it is exceptionally apparent to see if they are updated to check the latest news you read online with them.

Some of those that you can check in Australia is the change in regional area every year. While it is a huge change, there are catches to the change that required detailed reading.

Another way to check is its information offered online. Hiding information is unreasonable as all the details for immigration is posted through government portals. However, the honesty in revealing that information is a representation of its pride in its service.

For agencies with excellent service, information should not be its advantage, but its service should.


One with great reputation

With service being its major productivity, the best measurement would be the reviews and testaments from the clients. While Google Review is a great entry to those, the word-of-mouth is also crucial.

If you know someone has experience with immigration agents, ask about their experience. While checking for the above criteria, the perception to the agent can be a great reference as well.

Some agents will actively suggest better or faster ways to migrate. This acts as a great reference as tailored and prompt service.

One final tip

While most of the considerations are listed above, it is still essential to take time in finding the right agent for you. As you are very likely to be their client for years to come, choosing wise is better than choosing fast

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