Why do we wear underwear?


In India, there are various types of people with different desires, behaviours, likes and dislikes. As far as fashion is concerned, everyone has their own choice and preference. Because we face different situations in different places, climate and fashion choices also vary.

Since undergarment is a basic requirement for every human being, whether men or women, people buy underwear throughout the year. We have seen a growing trend in online shopping in recent times, their product ranges include basic and intimate items such as bras, panties, lingerie, sleepwear, etc., before buying any product online, offering online sites to someone as your Be aware of likes and preferences. There is a wide variety of products.

In terms of underwear, people in India prefer panties and bras or cotton and hosiery fabrics. Because cotton is a breathable fabric, even in hot weather, you do not feel uncomfortable. Cotton is one of the most comfortable and favourite Indian materials.

I personally like branded undergarments from many different brands available in India as they sell a variety of underwear such as seamless, low-rise, high-rise, and full or no rear coverage, underwear for breastfeeding, Tummy tuckers, etc. It is always advisable to buy from a reputable website.

Therefore, underwear is needed to absorb more sweat and keep you dry. It would be appropriate to wear cotton underwear. They would be proper. Cotton is a better fabric than combed-cotton, which is a better version of cotton.


Functional perspective

From a functional point of view, we wear underwear as a shield among our bits and our lower layers (pants, shorts, etc.). It either protects us from them (sweat, or worse) or makes us feel (itching or washing clothes, zippers, etc.) In addition, it allows us to wash our other clothes less often.


Style perspective

From a style point of view, if the style is an idea, we wear underwear for the same clothes that we wear other clothes: to express ourselves, and to reinforce a positive self-image.

Buy a variety of styles and choose undergarments that will make you feel physically comfortable and psychologically confident. Underwear is best when you feel comfortable wearing it in front of someone. Physically and psychologically, they can make you feel good.

Most people wear underwear for good reasons:

  • To feel confident and comfortable.
  • In sports and other physical activities, it avoids genital motion; otherwise, it would be very awkward.
  • Hygiene: Underwear consists of 100% cotton (the most suitable material for delicate skin), which absorbs sweat and can be changed daily compared to jeans or trousers.
  • They are preventing spontaneous erections from others. Without it, the pants will have a bulge.
  • Compared to jeans and skirts, cotton absorbs moisture, ventilates, eliminates odours and can be washed daily.
  • To keep outer clothes clean & fresh.
  • To boost self-esteem.

Conclusion: Many clothing items are specially equipped as underwear, while others, such as T-shirts and some styles of pants, are ideal for both underwear and outerwear. Apart from indoor or outdoor environments, the suitability of underwear as outdoor clothing depends mostly on the specifications of social norms, style and legislation. Many fabrics can be used as sleepwear or swimwear when made of suitable material.

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