Hydraulic Coupling System for Excavators


Automatic quick coupler systems that most excavators come with are critical to the versatility of these machine that allow operators or crew members to change the various tool attachments quickly which improves machine productivity significantly. Mini excavator hire is most commonly used by project managers for smaller construction jobs, theyhave the added benefit of allowing the operator to connect or disconnect hydraulic work tools from the driver’s cab. The ability of the operator to change among numerous work tools within seconds, such as a hydraulic sorting grapple, hydraulic magnet, a compactor, hammer, steel or concrete shears is a critical element for construction related work as they save a lot of time which reduces cost.

These hydraulic coupling systems that were introduced to the market in the early 90s are still the most widely used system that are made available for excavators of all categories which enhances the flexibility and competitiveness of construction companies that are able to enhance their cost effectiveness using these versatile excavators instead of manual labour.

There are numerous ‘quick coupling’ brands that are used by excavators, however, regardless of the manufacturer; all hydraulic coupling systems have the basic fundamental construct. All of them consist of two primary parts which is the plug and a socket. The plug which is generally regarded as the male half is associated with a socket (the female half) and when these two separate nodes are connected properly, they effectively seal and lock the joint and contain the internal pressure whilst resisting tensile forces that may force the joints apart.

Yet, the interlocked parts are very easily disconnected without the use of additional tools simply by disengaging the locking mechanism which unlocks the parts. These quick-acting hydraulic coupling systems eliminate bottlenecks as they slash time that is required to attach tools with a quick push/pull action as opposed to excavator operators tapping into systems via fittings or a wrench to change tools. Apart from that both coupling halves are also strategically use valves which minimize fluid leakage and limit the volume of air, dirt, and water that could potentially infiltrate the system.

This phenomenon of foreign elements infiltrating the system takes place when couplings are disconnected at which point air is trapped within the valves and subsequently enter the system when the coupling is reconnected.

The hydraulic coupling system is a standard feature available on most mini excavator rentals which make these agile machines perfect for both soft-scape(plants) and landscape (patios) projects. Using mini excavators reduces the number of labourers required which is a critical element for landscaping contractors as they find it easier to plan and tackle landscaping projects where cost and time are critical success factors. Excavators featuring these quick hydraulic coupling systems would be able to move from one task to another rapidly, for instance after digging, a quick change would allow the excavator to move the freshly dug earth and subsequently flatten the ground thoroughly.

In summary, the hydraulic coupling system could be seen as the sole element that provides excavators the versatility, they require for wide ranging requirements of construction projects.

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