Prepare Construction Safety Vests and Protect Workers from Dangers


Let us tell you something that safety is not expensive; it is priceless. The world runs on different jobs. Many of these jobs involve high risks. Well, we have to do the jobs. One cannot just sit idly. One such job is of the construction workers. These people got us skyscrapers like the mighty BurjKhalifa of Dubai. Did you know that four precious lives were lost in the construction of BurjKhalifa in 2010? Constructions come at the cost of human lives. Each year 9.7% of every 100,000-construction workers suffer fatal injuries. The total annual cost of construction injuries in the USA is a whopping $11.5 billion. We cannot afford all of this. We have to do something to mitigate these incidents in construction.

Construction sites are high-risk places. Almost all of these incidents happen because of the huge equipment and machinery usage and mobility. These sites deploy massive machinery to move large things such as rocks, concrete blocks, metal bars and other construction equipment. Such operations have a great potential to cause incidents and injuries that might lead to causalities. That is, construction workers are always at risk of losing their lives. The operators of such heavy machinery such the crane can lose sight of workers. That might lead to an incident.

The usage of construction safety vests is mandatory for preventing such incidents. Such vests enhance the visibility of the construction workers. These safety vests are made of bright and reflective material. Construction safety vests have so many additional features and benefits as well. They are the life shields for the construction workers.

Features to ProtectConstruction Workers

Construction safety vests must be loaded with features that provide several benefits. They also help the worker in many ways.They increase the productivity and ease of the worker by ensuring safety at the same time. Let us have a look how.

High-Visibility Fabric & Color

These features make the most of a safety work vest. Not all safety vests come with the high-visibility feature. However, safety vests for construction workers need to have this feature. This high visibility comes from the color of the fabric and reflective strips.

The best colors for construction safety vests are yellow, green and orange. But, it is a must to have neon shades for all these colors. The strips are silver in color. The high visibilitycomes the best into play in certain weather conditions. Such as fog, rain, dust storms, etc.

This feature makes the vest noticeable from a long distance, even at night. The worker does not to worry about his visibility. Moreover, the worker is safe and remains undisturbed from weather conditions.

When it comes to the fabric of the safety vest, there are variations in usage. The most common fabrics are polymer and mesh. Polymer safety vests are winters. On the other hand, mesh fabric is great for summers. The fabric is light and breathable. Other fabrics used are nylon and cotton. All the fabrics are retro-reflective in nature. Many of the fabrics are fluorescent as well.

Safety vest fabrics prevent the workers from harsh weather conditions. These fabrics are easy to carry. Safety vests also provide a comforting fit without any annoyance at work. This makes them high in user-friendliness. In this way, the worker can do his chores with ease.

These days, a combined performance material is great in usage as well. This material is a mix of retro-reflective and fluorescent material. This material is high in quality and durability.

Reflective Stripes & Pockets

The very first feature is the design of the safety vest. A safety vest is designed very thoughtfully. Design features enhance the utility of the safety vest. The design features include pockets, reflective strips, and hoops for ropes.

Pockets are very useful and necessary for construction workers. They can be used to carry all the essentials and portable equipment. The worker does not need to worry about his valuables. This saves time and effort.

Reflective strips are added to enhance the visibility factor of the worker. Reflective strips add value to the bright material or fabric. These strips are placed very strategically on the shoulder and the waist. This smart placement of reflective strips makes sure the worker is noticed.

Expert and responsible vest makers add the hoops as well to the vest. Hoops can be for cables and ropes. This feature increases the utility of the safety vest. In this way, the worker does not need to use his hands for carrying ropes.

Custom Printed Safety Vests

Not all vest makers provide this feature. However, there are credible vest makers that provide this facility. It is the best feature to have. Custom printing differentiates a special one from a common safety vest. You can get the logo and name of your construction company on the vest. This adds value. In addition, you can get the names of your employees on the vest.

This provides them with a sense of ownership. This will enhance your employee satisfaction as well. Moreover, this feature would also allow you to distinguish between your on-site employees and any unauthorized worker. This will show you as a responsible employer too.

The value and benefits of this feature are undeniable. In short, custom printed safety vests are ensure safety and satisfaction in one go.

About Opentip Safety Vests for Construction Workers

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