Tips for Choosing Business and Office Generators

Tips for Choosing Business and Office Generators

When you decide to install a generator on your property, finally, you can protect your building from damage and issues caused by a lack of power supply. Still, you should choose the one that will meet your needs and preferences. Keep in mind that commercial generators will offer you uninterrupted power in case of an emergency.

Therefore, if a hurricane or other weather condition goes through your area and the power grid falls, you will have a backup electrical source, which is a vital safety aspect for commercial properties that require consistent productivity.

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Still, before deciding to get a specific device, you can determine the size. For instance, if you get too large an option, you will spend more money than you wanted in the first place. On the other hand, the small option will not offer you adequate power.

In further article, we wish to provide you an insight on why your property requires a generator, and how to pick the right size for your business purposes.

Things to Know About Backup Generators

Having a backup generator is essential for different industries. At the same time, finding the right sizing will require an understanding of your generator operations and electric system. Therefore, you can find professionals who can create relevant assessments before you make up your mind.

For instance, if you own a retail business, you will need backup power to keep your customers and staff safe in case power goes out. You can only keep the lights on for the process, and that will be a perfect step towards preventing potential issues from happening. Besides, generators will keep your freezers and refrigerators from spoiling food.

Generally, commercial buildings feature numerous reasons why they should implement business backup generators as a regular addition. Still, you should determine the right specifications, meaning it is important to be as careful as possible throughout the process.

On the other hand, office buildings can benefit as well, because the light will allow you to get out of the area faster, or stay inside in case of a storm. Remember that a backup generator will keep the electronic data that you have stored intact until you get a chance to save it.

How to Size a Generator?

You should remember that finding the right generator will offer you peace of mind in case of an outage. Therefore, sizing is the essential decision to ensure you get the right option that will provide you peace of mind.

The devices use kilowatt output, meaning the higher output will offer you greater capacity. You can use various methods to determine the right size, or you can call a professional to inspect and offer you an assessment of the best course of action.

The simplest and most common way to determine size is by measuring the square footage of your working area. The number is the perfect starting point that will help you make an assessment and estimate. We recommend you click here to learn more about sizing a generator for your commercial requirements.

By following a rule of thumb, retail buildings should feature generators that will supply them with at least 50kW combined with an extra 10W per square foot. Other buildings also require at least 50kW of power, but only 5W per square foot.

You should know that the exact requirements depend on the devices inside, which is why you should use this method as the estimation only. Another method involves checking out your monthly expenditures. The main idea is to check your energy bills in the last few years to determine the peak usage.

Of course, you should add at least twenty-five percent more to the max figure, which will provide you peace of mind. You can also use a full-load measurement throughout peak usage to create an estimate. We are talking about learning about amps you use and dividing them by two or three depending on whether you have a three-phase or two-phase current.

You should visit this link: to understand the importance of diesel generators. Then, you should multiply the number by the supply voltage. Finally, when you multiply the final number by a thousand, you will get the kilowatts you need.

You can use different sizing methods that will help you choose a product for your specific requirements. At the same time, you should consider other factors when choosing the one for your needs. Remember that they will help you determine which one is the best.

Additional Factors You Should Consider

The size of your building is not the only factor you should consider when choosing the right option for your specific needs. Instead, you should understand other factors that will help you throughout the process.

The main goal is to determine where you wish to place it. The main idea is to avoid your business basement because it is most likely to end up flooded in case of severe weather conditions. Remember that water can easily damage the unit you wish to get, which is something you should avoid altogether.

The electric room location should affect the decision as well because you must place the unit close to the infrastructure to prevent connections that may affect the entire process. Other factors include the age of the building you work in as well as noise regulations, which can limit the location.

The local climate can affect the decision because temperature and moisture can cause severe issues after a while. It is important to weigh all your options before making up your mind. That way, you can make a smart decision. If everything mentioned above seems daunting and overwhelming, you can find an expert who can help you estimate the right unit size.

Final Word

As you can see, finding a way to have backup power in your commercial building is essential for keeping everyone safe in case of weather issues and preventing productivity problems.

Although the decision is not the simple one, you should talk with experts who will ensure that you find the right size unit that will meet your requirements. That way, you can prevent potential issues from happening and make a lousy choice. It is as simple as that.

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