How to play online craps?


Online craps is a popular gambling game, with more complexities in the betting options. Once the players master in playing, they will find it very easy and simple to play. In online craps, the players who roll on the dices are called shooters. In the case of live casinos, all playerscan roll dice in a counter-clockwise direction.  The craps game starts with the following steps:

  • The player who rolls the dice choose2 dice to spin.
  • The shooter has to make a bet on either Pass Line bet or never pass line bet. The other players who are playing can also go for bets.
  • The shooters must start spinning the dice, in the opposite end of the table wall. The shooters first time rolling of dice is termed as ‘come-out roll’.

Let’s look at how the game has to play by placing various bets in the following sections of the article.

Basics of craps

The game is started in which the shooter must bet either on “Passing bet or never pass the bet, before an emerged roll. When theemerged roll is  either7 and even 11, then pass bet is the winner and don’t pass bet loses. Ifemerging bet is 2, 3, oreven 12, the pass bet loses, and they don’t pass bet wins. This is the end of the game for that particular round. If the Come-out roll is four, five,six , Eight, nineor 10, then the player must establish a point on that number. So, the shooter rolls the dies, until they hit the number 7. When the pointed number is spinnedbefore 7, then pass line bet wins else don’t pass line bet wins.

Basic Crap bets

The following are the basic crap bets placed while playing the game. They are:

  • Pass Line bets
  • Don’t pass line bets
  • Come bets
  • Don’t come bets
  • Odd bets

Single SpinningBets

The single roll bets are quite complicated, but once you get understanding about when and where to place a single roll bet, the game becomes easy. But single roll bets have a higher house edge, so it is not recommended to play the craps games with single rolls.

Proposition bets: They comprise of a group of single roll bets and the players need to play this very rarely due to its greater house edge. The following are the set of preposition bets:

  • Three (Ace Deuce):If the player rolls 3, he wins and wagers 15 until 1.
  • 7from any (Giant Red):The player wins, if throws the 7, and wager 4 until 1.
  • Any craps (Threeway):If the shooter spins 2,3, 0r 12he wins and wagers 7 until 1.
  • Two craps and Aces (Snake’s Eyes):The shooter wins, if he rolls two and wagers 30 until 1.
  • 12 craps (Boxcars or even Midnight): The shooter wins if he spins a 12 and wagers 30 until 1.
  • Eleven (Yo): This bet is termed YO, as the phonics of eleven may sometime be heard as seven. The shooter wins, if he spins an 11 and wagers 15 until 1.

There are also other types of single roll bets, which the players can choose upon experience and dare to meet high house edge. Click here to learn more about single roll bets.


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