5 Simple & Effective Ways to Stay Fit At Home


Over the years, the population has been taking a keen interest in their health status, both physically and mentally. Most people begin with their daily diet plans, while some choose to incorporate workout regimes in daily routines. There are numerous advantages to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and they include:

  • a healthy lifestyle reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases and stroke
  • improving your memory and overall mental health
  • it helps cut weight
  • reduces the risk of contracting lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and gout
  • increases longevity
  • Healthy persons can participate in more activities without strain.
  • it greatly improves the physical of an individual

However, with the outbreak of a global pandemic, many people are having trouble maintaining their health routines. Some are unmotivated to stay fit while at home, either due to lack of personal discipline or the lack of space to work out. Nonetheless, there are several practices that one try out during the day to stay fit.

Meal Planning and Portioning

With a lot of time on your hands with instant access to food, it will require a lot of discipline to stick to your normal feeding routine. Plan out your meals beforehand and avoid too many carbohydrates, especially if you are not engaging in strenuous activities.

Furthermore, keep your meal sizes small because you do not need energy to just lie around or do simple tasks around the house. If you are active, take small portions at regular intervals rather than pilling your plate at one time. This will only make you feel heavy and lazy, thus reducing your productivity. For enhanced energy levels, you may also consider supplements.

Bored people are more likely to eat more, so make sure to keep busy throughout the day. If you must snack, try healthy ones such as carrot sticks or celery.

Create a Home Workouts Routine

For most people, it takes a lot, to sum up, the motivation to workout especially at home workouts. Without a routine, you will be more likely to skip exercises or even the entire routine. Set aside a time of the day when you are most active, preferably in the mornings or evenings.

If you are new to home workouts, take it slow, and let your body adapt. Always start your exercise routine with warm-ups to get the blood flowing and avoid muscle injury. Cooldown afterwards to prevent strains and injuries as well.

Working out increases your energy and metabolism, and you will have a much more productive day.

Turn Every Task into an Exercise

The coronavirus forces us to stay home and avoid contact with other people, but this does not mean that certain activities should go dormant. If you find it hard to maintain an exercise routine, then you should focus all your energies on every task you set out to do. For instance, you can choose to run or cycle to the store rather than driving or taking a cab.

Also, cleaning the house does not have to be a tedious and boring activity. Blast on the music and pull out all the Zumba moves you have learned as you work. Cleaning windows and bathroom walls are a great way of toning your upper body.

Quicken your pace as you walk around the house, and jogging up and down the stairs whenever you use them. Manually do the laundry if possible, and mow the lawn yourself other than hiring help.

Get the Right Amount of Sleep

Now that school has been cancelled, and many people can work from home, it is natural that they will want to stay up late or sleep in. However, too much sleep or too little if it can interfere with your overall health.

It is important to maintain a steady sleeping routine, with the same sleeping and waking hours. Too much sleep means that your body is not burning fat, and everything you eat is stored up in the body. Too little sleep will result in fatigue and burn out. According to some studies, little sleep can be a cause for over-eating, more so junk, especially for those staying up late.


Just because you cannot access the gym does not mean you cannot train from home. If you have no equipment at your house, you can improvise with stuff around the house. Use canned goods for weight lifting exercises. You can also use bags of flour or rice instead, adding on weight as you deem fit. Thus, putting away groceries can be a workout session as well.

As a substitute for an elliptical, cycle around the block or pace up and down the stairs for the same amount of time.

Hydrate As Often As Possible

Naturally, regular and constant water intake is good for your overall health. It helps flush out toxins in your body, keeping your organs healthy and your skin glowing. Furthermore, people who hydrate often are less likely to feel hungry constantly.

Substitute beverages such as coffee and soft drinks for water, which are likely to cause dehydration. Basically, keeping fit is a personal choice that has a lot of benefits. Therefore, be sure to make the right choices, no matter how unpleasant they might be.

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