How To Insure Your Restaurant?


When opening your restaurant, remember to take out insurance. There are many catering risks: burns from a cook, food poisoning, breakdown of the cold room, vandalism, and the list goes on.

What is the insurance to take out for a restaurant? In this article, we will guide you through various restaurant insurances necessary to be protected against the risks inherent in the operation of a restaurant.

What Are The Classic Insurances To Open A Restaurant?

Some insurance is essential for most economic activities. This is the case for third party liability insurance and multi-risk insurance, which should not be overlooked in the catering sector.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance, RC pro insurance, is an insurance whose subscription is essential for any restaurant owner. Indeed, this insurance protects the company from any damage caused to one of its customers, suppliers, or a third party in the course of its activities.

Therefore, RC pro insurance covers all damage caused directly by the restaurant in a broad sense since it guarantees damage caused by employees, buildings, equipment, and food.

The restaurant will, therefore, pay a monthly RC insurance premium. Thereafter, if the company causes damage to a person in the course of its activities, the insurance will be responsible for paying for repairs, up to the amount of the deductible.

In most insurance contracts, in the event of damage, the insured must pay a deductible amount, i.e., a fixed amount. For example, during the service, one of the waiters involuntarily knocks over a hot dish on one of the restaurant’s customers, liability insurance covers:

  • Damage body: This corresponds to compensation for possible burns and broken dishes related cuts (hospitalization, sick leave, etc.).
  • Material damage: This covers compensation related to cleaning or replacing clothing in the event of tasks.
  • Damage intangible: This corresponds to injury associated with trauma.

Multi-Risk Insurance For The Premises And Property Of The Restaurant

The comprehensive insurance provides compensation for the restaurant when a major risk affecting the local restaurant or property occurs. It is, therefore, insurance of the commercial premises but also of the property of the restaurateur.

This risk can be of various kinds: it can be a natural disaster, a fire, water damage, but also acts of vandalism or theft of all kinds.

The risks covered by the insurance must always be specified in the contract. Therefore, before committing, it is essential to read it to ensure that the most foreseeable risks will be covered. The insurance contract for a beach restaurant must, for example, cover the damages that may be caused by a storm or by the tide of the century.

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