How to design your living room with the latest trends


Getting a new home is one of the biggest milestones in your life. It is also one of the biggest investments you make. It’s a dream and you would try to create everything in your home that you have thought of. In addition to putting in your imagination and desires, you would also like your home to be in-trend with the most contemporary designs. This sometimes becomes difficult. Trends come and go every year. It is difficult to design a home that stays relevant for years. This is where interior stylist services in Sydney can come to your rescue. The most important aspect of your home is the living room. It is where you and your family spend maximum time and your guests are welcomed. Your living room defines the feel and character of the entire house. Here are some recent trends which potentially boost your living room design to the next level.

  • Natural material

Natural elements have been a part of home décor for many years and are still a popular choice. These elements include natural wood, natural stones, natural fabric, etc. Natural furniture and other accessories are not only beautiful but also long-lasting. These can serve more than one generation with little maintenance. This is so long as they are kept away from moisture, otherwise, options such as Engineered Flooring are preferred to natural wood flooring. Placing a natural wood table with a stone top or natural rug can be a great addition to your living room.

  • Including curves

Straight boxy silhouettes have enjoyed their popularities for nearly a decade. But now they are being replaced by the curved silhouettes. Smooth curvatures and soft edges are increasingly preferred as these add a flow to the design. The same trend is followed even with curved side chairs, rounded mirrors, and lighting fixtures. Owing to their smoothness and ability to provide a soothing and calming effect, curved silhouettes are hot trends in living room design.

  • Metallic shine

Your living room is the center of attraction of your house. It deserves all the glamour and excitement in its feature. In this line, shiny metallics are the new trend that adds luxury and style to your living room. Bronze, chrome, and gold are the most sought textures for a soft finish of your furniture and other accessories. A table with metal legs or a chair with a metallic armrest gives a lavish feel without being too loud.

  • Earthy texture 

This goes well with the natural design elements in your living room. A subtle stone tabletop or hues of muted colors with depth makes your living room comfy and welcoming. You can use colors like orange, brown, red and neutrals to create a smart-looking living space.

  • The ’70s are back

Just like fashion, trends in home décor also keep returning. This is evident with the popularity of bright colors like orange, red, yellow. These colors are again being used but a modern twist. Their playful combination is included in furniture, rugs, and wall paints. This brings a fresh, positive, and lively vibe to the living area.

  • Floral from retro

Most people have shown their inclination for the floral patterns once again. If these patterns are inspired by the retro feel, they are more likely to find a place in your living room. You can choose some abstract floral print full of blossom with pastel colors and metallic influence to create more glamour and interest.

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