How to a Luxury Finish to A Living Room


Living rooms are always worth investing in, it’s the place in the home you spend the most time and guests will always perceive your house from. Complete renovations in the living room usually come with a pretty hefty price tag, but slow and steady changes can lead to the same results. If you’re looking to add a little luxury to your living room here’s a look at some changes you can gradually make to attract attention to the right parts of your living room.


Arguably the most essential part of the living room. A new designer sofa can completely change the dynamic of the room depending on what style you want. Clean cut suede and crushed velvet styles can add a contemporary finish to any living room and matched with a footstool and armchair completely takes the attention of anyone in the room. Corner sofas are another popular choice for those looking for a comfortable warm finish, but if you have limited space, an overbearing corner sofa can look a little forced.

Coffee Table

Luxury coffee tables are a simple and sophisticated way to add a designer feel to any living room. While glass is a popular choice, it also gets dirty and scratched easily, which makes you resent the choice quickly. Oversized, low and wooden coffee tables are the perfect choice for a warm living room looking to centralise the attention. Find something with built in draws to keep it tidy and find the perfect colour of type of wood you think will match the room. Make sure you find other living room furniture that matches it too, it can be difficult trying to find everything to match if you’re buying it one piece at a time.

Display Furniture

Whether you’re wanting to display accessories, photos or books, display furniture is a great way to add a little more luxury to the room. Cabinets, sideboards and bookcases are all ideal for the living room and depending on your preference, you can choose between sophisticated woods, simple metal shelving or something much more creative with extravagant shapes to demand the attention of the room.


Likely the cheap way to add a little luxury to the room, depending on your taste! Oversized designs in simple living rooms always works well, especially if you’ve not painted the walls. A plain wall with an intricate piece of art on it will completely take the attention away from the wall itself. Or if you’re feeling creative, buying a few different shapes and sizes of art and creating a shape out of them is also a popular style in recent years.

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